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Qualities of Good Writing


As a student, you will be required to write a lot of papers. It is crucial that you learn how to write because it will be an avenue in which you will be communicating your thoughts and ideas. This begs the question, what is good writing? There are some key attributes that make good writing. You could have been doing things wrong for the whole period that you’ve been in school. There are some key qualities that good writing should possess and we’re going to highlight some of them.


You don’t have to use sophisticated terms in order to explain ideas. Good writing is simple and concise. There is no need for using a lot of words when you be brief with the explanation. A good essay will express ideas in a simple and straight way. If you’re aiming at becoming a good writer, you should focus on conveying your message in the simplest way possible because you don’t want confusion with the clarity of information.


When you’re writing about a particular subject, there is a high likelihood that you have a lot to say about the subject. The ideas could be all over the place which will make it hard for someone to understand the information that you might be trying to pass across. In order to be considered a good writer, you should be able to convey your ideas in a logical and meaningful manner. There is a structure that you’re supposed to follow when coming up with a piece of writing. The ideas will need to be coherent so that the readers know what you’re trying to say.

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The unity of flow in a text is a quality that a few writers possess. For a student, you don’t want to confuse your lecturer with the main ideas. The whole idea should be clear from the first paragraph. There will be supporting arguments to validate the main topic which will be clear from the onset.


A good piece of writing will convey the source of authority. You can be authoritative with your content when there are glaring mistakes. The essay will need to be properly cited if people are to take you seriously. If you buy essays, it is important to make sure that the author is well informed about the subject. Don’t be afraid to ask for samples if they’re not provided. A writer that presents weak or wrong information will not be an authority on the subject.


It goes without saying that you need good grammar in order to convey your ideas effectively. A good writer will ensure that grammar rules are being followed in their writing. Obvious grammatical mistakes will make your work lack authority in the eyes of the readers.

Word Choice

A good writer will know the words to use depending on the circumstances and the target audience. The English language could have a word with several meanings and interpretations. It could mean one thing in a particular profession and completely different in another. The word choice will play a significant role in the readability and clarity of the text.

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This is a quality that will separate the grain from the chaff when it comes to writing. Being concise means that you’re avoid fillers and unnecessary words in your composition. There are occasions where people might use unnecessary words deliberately. A good example is with students that are trying to meet the required word count. This is one of the worst writing practices and should be avoided at all costs.

Writing Style

Your writing style is what will set you apart from other writers. If it is academic writing, you might be required to follow a particular writing style. For creative writing, there are not a lot of limitations. You can combine a couple of writing style to come up with something that you can call your own. Your writing style could be used to gauge if your writing is good or bad. Fluency should be the key consideration when determining the writing style. Readers want to know what you’re talking about without having to think too much.


You should put yourself in the shoes of the reader when coming up with the material. You can only do so when you’re aware of the needs and expectations of your potential audience. At the end of the day, you will be writing for an audience. It will be selfish to assume that you don’t need to investigate the potential audience before you start writing.