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UncategorizedMake money online with these extensive horse racing betting tips

Make money online with these extensive horse racing betting tips

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Betting on horse racing has been a popular form of gambling for many years, and online horse-betting has been around almost as long as the internet, itself. With eased restrictions, and more and more gambling-sites popping up by the day, it is easier than ever to place a wager on your favorite horse.

Websites such as afford you the opportunity to do this from the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re a seasoned and experienced gambler, or just looking to pass the time and have some fun, betting on horse races online can be a great hobby. And with a little bit of skill, and some luck, you might even be able to make money at it.

5 tips to make money betting on horse races online

Gambling is never a sure thing. That’s why they call it gambling. There is always a risk associated when betting on horses. What if the weather or track conditions change unexpectedly? What if the horse or jockey are sick or become injured? These are all factors that can have a significant impact on the outcome of the race. Never mind the fact that a consistently strong-performing horse can simply have a bad day.

There is no “magic formula” to gambling, and online betting will forever be a game of chance. However, if you follow these 5 simple tips to betting on horse racing online, you may just increase your odds of winning some money.

  1. Avoid the “win bet”:
  • Most people place their bets based upon arbitrary factors, such as liking the name of the horse, or sharing ethnicity with the jockey. This is referred to as the “win bet,” where you simply pick a horse and bet that it will win the race. This type of betting presents the lowest odds of winning.
  • Doing a little research can improve your chances of financial reward. What type of track is being run? (Dirt, turf, etc.) Does the horse you like consistently perform well under those conditions? Having this information available can protect you from making a bad bet.
  1. Utilize “place bets”:
  • This is where you bet on a horse to finish within a certain range (i.e. within the top 3 or 4) rather than finishing in one specific position. Place bets are considered to be safer, but generally offer a smaller pay-out. However, when it comes to gambling, a smaller pay-out is better than no pay-out, or even a loss.
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  1. Bet on multiple races:
  • Statistically, the more bets you place, the more opportunities you have to win. This will also allow you to diversify the type of bets you make. You are more able to place a higher-risk bet in one particular race if you have placed safer bets in two other races. This approach can lead to a big-money win. But if you don’t win your higher-risk bet, your losses have a better chance of being covered.
  1. Play the odds:
  • Terms like “7 to 1” refer to the theoretical chances that each horse has of winning the race. The old saying “any given day” is certainly true. There is always the chance that any horse can win on any given day. However, math is math, and the statistics do not lie. If a horse has come in last in its last 10 races, odds are, it will continue to do so. Betting on that horse to win will give you the biggest pay-out. Conversely, betting on that horse to lose will give you the most protection. Playing the odds affords you the most control over your money once your wager has been placed.
  1. Never gamble beyond your means:
  • It is possible to make a great deal of money betting online on horse racing. It is also just as possible to lose your money. Know your budget. Assume that you will lose every bet which you place, and determine how much of your money you can afford to part with.
  • Once you have recouped your initial wager, bet only with your winnings. Even if you don’t win any more money, this guarantees that you will not lose any of your money, either.

A fun way to make money

Online betting on horse racing can be both fun and profitable. But again, gambling is still gambling. Even the safest bet can still result in a financial loss, so make sure to protect your money. Following these steps is a great way to start!

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