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Electronic bikes increase in popularity over next decade

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Electronics bikes are expected to increase in popularity over the next three years to 130 million surpassing the sales of electrics cars as the world seeks to become cleaner and carbon free.

This type of vehicle is gaining in popularity with sales expected to top £16 billion in revenue by 2023.

The findings were in a report by Deloitte that e-bike sales between 2020 and 2023 would have sold six times more over electric cars.

Germany in 2018, e-bike sales hit over one million, while the majority of adult bikes in the Netherlands, that were sold last year were electric.

Meanwhile in the UK electric bikes are on the increase with around 60,000 being sold each year with mounting evidence pointing to growth over the next thirty years.

E-bikes are push bikes with an electric motor and a rechargeable battery. They come in various forms for different purposes such as an electric mountain bike, city bike, even electric road bikes and even foldable electric bike for commuting.

The e-bike have a battery, motor and control unit but aren’t like scooter or mopeds as the battery us used to provide assistance when pedaling so not much effort is needed as they cycle.

This means that the bike itself can go faster and is sometimes smoother when cornering, which is why e- bikes tires have a higher grip than road bike tires. Higher grip means more safety but also wider tires.

This is because e-bikes are heavier due to the battery so require wider tires to compensate which means they are also tougher.

More and more people are choosing e-bikes over traditional bikes as they are cleaner than a moped but when it comes to city cycling will allow the user to have a break when tired.

Helping making the journey safer and the user more aware of their surroundings rather than oblivious caused by tiredness.

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