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Bizarre footage shows shopkeeper chase out armed attacker by whacking him with a broom

BIZARRE video shows the moment a shopkeeper chases an attacker out into the road with a broom, striking a blow to the man’s head.

The incident, which took place on 15 May, saw the attacker run into the side of a passing car in his haste to get away.

The moment was caught by Uber driver Trandaf Laurentiu as he drove around Liverpool.

The video shows a man dressed in black holding an object which is believed to be a brick in his right hand trying to get into the store, hitting a window.

However, the man is thwarted by the shopkeeper armed with a broom, who chases him out of the shop.

The shopkeeper whacks the intruder over the head causing the brush head to fall off.

The man in black then drops his object and runs across the road.

However, he runs smack into a passing car after failing to look where he was going.

The man in black then makes his getaway, after falling short.

Many in the comments found the footage hilarious.

The attacker dropped what was believed to be a brick. Image: Trandaf Laurentiu

One commenter said: “Loved the way he whacks him with the brush.”

A second added: “Hahaha! Know your own strength before you attack others you Idiot! Pity that brush broke!”

A third wrote: “What a d***head, well done the shopkeeper on protecting what is his.”

Another commenter said: “Brush head snapped straight over his well done sir. You definitely handed his a*** on a plate to him.”

Another commenter added: “Haha mopped out the shop… 1st class k***.”

Trandaf today said he waited to see if anything else happened.

The attacker then ran into a passing car while he made his retreat. Image: Trandaf Laurentiu

He said: “I just heard somebody shouting and I saw the attacker crossing the street.

“I started filming. I waited another two minutes, nobody was hurt.”

Police said a patrol in the area arrived on the scene shortly after the incident.

A Merseyside Police spokeswoman said: “A patrol was flagged down on Prescot Road at 8.35pm on Friday 15th May to reports of a male throwing a brick causing minor/superficial damage to a window of Bargain Beers.

“Patrols in that area were made aware for passing attention/reassurance.”

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