Couple reveal how they rescued old pianos destined for the tip and turned them into quirky gin bars for just £15


A COUPLE have shared stunning photos showing how they transformed old pianos into funky gin bars.

The couple have spent just £15 on paint to transform the pianos. Image: Gemma Love

Gemma Love, 39, and fiance James Bensley, 40, revealed how they rescued two pianos destined for the tip and up-cycled them into the unique features.

The couple from Bardney, Lincolnshire spent just £15 on paint after picking up the pre-loved instruments for free on Facebook Marketplace.

The Crowley England pianos are thought to date back to the 1920s, but had long stopped being playable.

As a result, the couple decided to give them some TLC and transform them into two bars – one for inside and one outdoor.

The couple picked up the unused pianos for free on Facebook Marketplace. Image: Gemma Love

Pictures show the turquoise gin bar complete with balloon glasses.

The couple have removed the piano’s keys and installed an old floorboard to act as the bar’s surface.

Other images show the well-stocked indoor bar, painted in a chic taupe after the couple gutted and sanded the original piano.

It features a wine rack, also picked up for free from Marketplace, along with the piano’s original foot pedals.

It took four days to strip the pianos. Image: Gemma Love

A delighted Gemma took to a DIY Facebook group on Tuesday to share images of the gin bar.

She posted a photo captioned: “My gin bar is about finished.

“Piano was free off Facebook marketplace, as was the wine rack, bar top made out of some old floorboards I already had, so only cost me £15 for the paint  and about 4 days stripping the piano  those things were built to last.

“Broke 4 hammers in the process.”

Gemma’s post, which racked up  more than 3,000 likes, has blown away fellow group members.

One woman wrote: “What a very cool idea.”

Here’s one they made earlier. Image: Gemma Love

Another added: “Wow that’s ace, love to see the piano re-used.”

And one member said: “How creative, I love it.”

Speaking today, Gemma revealed the project was a real labour of love.

She explained: “It took about 4 days in total. The majority of that time was spent stripping it back to the shell. It was hard work, they’re built to last.

“The piano’s playing days were long gone, I just think with pianos, they’re expensive.

“People buy them because they love playing them, or as gifts for children that play them, I felt it deserved to be loved again rather than taken to the tip.

Gemma and James were stunned by the reaction they received online. Image: Gemma Love

“On the first one we tried to unscrew all the inner workings but struggled to get them undone, this time we went for crowbars, hammers and angle grinders.

“We sanded everything down and painted with Rustoleum garden furniture paint which was actually the only thing we paid for.

“James likes to joke by having it as a bar is the only way he’ll get that ‘family around the piano together’ moment.

“I wasn’t expecting it to go so crazy on the DIY page and get so many people messaging me asking how I did it.”