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3 Ways to spend less during your next visit to London


London is one of those cities that has something for everyone. From famous museums to world-class sightseeing, you very well might find yourself tempted to make a trip to this incredible city on multiple occasions throughout the year. Like most major cities that are known for their tourist attractions, though, a trip to London can wind up costing a fair amount if you neglect to plan accordingly.

Whether you are planning to take a day trip to London or if you want to spend a weekend in the city, here are three things that you can do to help you spend less and get more from your visit.

1. Hire a Cab

In big cities like London, there is a myriad of transportation options for you to consider. While you will no doubt spend some time utilizing public transportation like the Tube, getting to and from the airport can be a tricky transportation situation. Your best option might be to hire a cab from a trusted company like Luton Taxis.

By going this route, you will certainly save more than if you were to rent a car. Moreover, you can avoid the steep airport parking prices and other parking fees throughout the city that you would have to pay if you rented a car. You also have the option to request a quote for your journey online so that you can make a better budget for your trip.

2. Plan on Seeing Free Sights

While there are many sights in London that are certainly worth the fee that is charged to experience them, there are also many that are vastly overpriced. Do your research ahead of time so that you don’t get taken in by such attractions. Why not check out some of the free sights that London has to offer?

Several museums in London are free for visitors. If you are set on seeing a museum that charges an entry fee, see if booking a ticket online ahead of your visit is cheaper than buying on at the door. You can also visit famous places like Abbey Road and witness things like the Changing of the Guard for no charge at all, making it a fascinating

3. Plan Wisely

Like every tourist city in the world, London has its peak seasons and times where you are more likely to be one of a large crowd of sightseers. Generally speaking, these times of the year are more expensive than others. Try to plan your trip wisely so that it doesn’t coincide with the peak tourist season.

If you can, avoid going to London around Easter time and Christmas as this is typically when the crowds take over. Summer holidays are also a busy time in London, so planning your visit for the spring or fall might be more to your advantage. You can also build your itinerary to avoid crowds during the day by taking tours earlier in the morning.