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DMX Markets Review – Trading Online With


CFDs trading have become very popular in recent years. As the global economy bites harder on many people’s lives, alternative ways of making legit money from home is a top-ranking search on Google and other search engines.

The rise in the number of those who have made money from Contracts for Difference investment has skyrocketed, prompting many to join the train of traders in the financial market.

Brokers are creating and designing more user-friendly trading platforms to help traders have access to the financial markets and help traders carry out trading activities in a simplified and seamless way.

In light of this surge in the number of CFD traders, there has been a rise in cases of fraud reported about the financial market.

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Regulatory bodies are enforcing stricter measures to help weed the blockchain industry off the activities of fraudsters.

As more trading platforms are established, sanitizing the industry becomes more difficult.

It is believed that every player in the blockchain industry has a role to play in making CFDs trading to be free from the activities of fraudsters.

While traders have been urged to do proper research before committing their resources to a trading platform, review writers have been compelled to write a fair, objective, and unbiased review of brokers and different exchange companies.

DMX Markets Review

Today we shall be reviewing a trading platform known as DMX Markets.

The broker is said to be offering an access pathway for traders so they can trade on a variety of CFDs on a platform that claims to be user friendly and highly efficient. Can investors and traders trust this broker with their

How legit us the DMX markers trading? Are the features unique and highly effective as they claim to be?

How can you register on the platform and begin your journey to becoming a trader in the financial market? We shall answer these and more questions objectively.

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What is DMX Markets?

DMX Markets is a renowned CFD provider that delivers trading facilities on indices, forex, commodities, and shares with creative and advanced technology.

The exchange company is said to be fully committed to ensuring that its traders are empowered by providing an outstanding trading experience.

The broker is told to offer a variety of trading services to optimize trade and promote a much faster ROI.

Funds protection is a significant focus of the company because, without that, it may be difficult, if not impossible, to attract investors to invest in the financial market via their platform. One other key feature of the broker is the segregation of funds.

Traders’ investments are separated from the broker’s account and are deposited in a secure financial institution. With that, traders may be rest assure that their funds are safe.

The trading platform is said to be regulated to check any excesses of the broker and prevent the misuse of funds.

The online trading platform offers one of the most user-friendly trading environments for traders in the industry.

Traders may be able to make use of the different tools and features of the trading platform with no supervision irrespective of their experience level.

A stop-loss feature is put in place to ensure that there is a limit to the amount a trader may lose during an unfavorable market session.

The stop loss feature also helps to prevent traders from having a negative balance. The broker offers leverage to traders as high as 1:400 to enable them to increase their profit margin.

Why trade using the DMX Markets trading platform

The broker claims to provide traders with several outstanding benefits, which they believe are more than enough reasons why traders should carry out trading activities on the platform.

Let us analyze some of the benefits proposed by the broker why investors should use its exchange company as a means of investing in different assets in the financial market.

Diversity of financial instruments

Some experts have argued that creating an avenue for traders to diversify their trade while using a particular trading platform may not be effective.

Such a broker may not have expert knowledge on a variety of assets at the same time. DMX Markets takes exception to such assertion.

The broker claims to have a staff strength made up of highly experienced professionals who have expert knowledge of different trading assets in the financial market.

These industry experts may be able to advise traders on the best strategy they may employ at strategic trading periods.

The financial market and the blockchain industry at large is a highly volatile one. Hence specializing in trading a single asset may be counterproductive.

The broker believes that by diversifying your trade, you may be able to limit the risk involved in trading a particular asset irrespective of their position in the market.

The broker offers traders the opportunity to trade on commodities such as Oil and Gas, precious metals, etc. Traders may also be able to trade in major and minor currency pairs in the foreign exchange market.

Stocks trading is another viable investment opportunity for traders who may prefer a lower risk investment type.

DMX Markets provides a platform for traders to trade in the shares of top multinational companies operating under a more stable business environment.

You may be able to trade on indices and add this to your trading choices portfolio while using the DMX trading platform.

DMX Markets offers education and training for traders

In our DMX Markets review one of the most important things to check about the broker is trading education for new traders.

Going into trading in the financial market without any knowledge of how the market may be likened to a soldier who goes to war without any weapon.

Traders should arm themselves with adequate knowledge of the financial market. DMX Markets understands this fact, and as such, the broker may be focused on providing traders with the necessary expertise to help them have an incline on what goes on in the market. Due to the instability of most assets in the market, the risk of investing is high. To protect your investment, there is a need to understand the different trading strategies employed during trading.

Traders may have access to educational materials on various topics. The broker offers ebooks, trading manuals, and other instructional materials to optimize your trade.

Another way the broker assists traders in this regard is by providing them with a personal account manager depending on the account type they are operating.

These managers’ responsibility is to advise traders on the most appropriate trading strategy to use at a specific trading period.

There is also a market analyst who is on the ground to provide a real-time market analysis of different assets in the financial market.

Traders are informed about the current trend and performance of an asset, which may enable them to make an informed trading decision.

Promotion of best practices and transparency in the financial market

The primary challenge facing trading in the financial market is the lack of transparency, coupled with the activities of fraudsters that have caused many prospective investors to have a rethink about investing in the industry.

Some fraudsters hide under the guise of assisting traders in defrauding them. Some brokers are only interested in what they stand to gain from traders without any thought of what they can offer traders.

Unsuspecting traders may invest via their platforms only to find out that they have been scammed. To promote transparency in the sector, DMX Markets claim to provide funds segregation, which may be used to differentiate between your investment funds and that of the broker.

The broker may not be able to access funds for personal use except for a trading purpose. This is because all trading funds are kept in a separate account and deposited in a high ranking global financial institution. T

o provide more transparency for traders, the broker is regulated by authority and regulatory bodies. Their transactions may be audited to ensure that they stay within best practices that are acceptable by industry standards.

Provision of leverage trading opportunity

The primary objective of every trader is centered around making a profit, and one way you can enhance your profit margin is through the use of leverage.

DMX Markets offers traders an opportunity to increase their earnings with the leverage feature, which may be as high as 1:400.

With this, you may be provided an investment boost that may earn you 400 times more than your actual earning.

Leveraged trading may be highly profitable, but the risk involved is enormous.

You may lose 400 times more than your real loss if you pick the maximum leverage available, and the market goes against you.

You should have some knowledge about trading the financial market before deciding on using the leverage feature.

The broker has a negative balance policy and a stop loss feature that may protect you from losing your entire investment within a single trading session.

The broker may offer you financial advice and may let you know when it may be favorable to use the leverage feature by analyzing market trends and forecasting the future performance of different financial instruments.

A highly secured trading platform

The security of a trading platform is the first thing that most investors consider before committing their funds and time.

We cannot overstate the negative impact of scammers in the industry. Most trading platforms are looking for creative, advanced, and reliable ways to curb cybercriminals’ activities.

DMX Markets claims to be at the forefront of providing a highly secure trading environment for traders.

The broker is said to have put measures to help protect traders’ data from getting into the wrong hands.

The use of high-end encryption tools is designed to encrypt all data inputted into the platform.

Even if hackers were to infiltrate the platform, they might not be able to make use of the information because they are encrypted. Another security measure employed by the broker to protect users is through the use of SSL technology to ensure that their website is secure.

A verification process is carried out to ensure that traders’ information is accurate, which also help to fish out fraudsters. Users’ verification exercise is also employed to mitigate the activities of bots on the platform.

Multiple account types

Traders on the DMX trading platform have access to choose from four different account types.

These accounts are designed to accommodate traders irrespective of their level of experience or financial strength.

The following are the four account types available for traders on the DMX Markets trading platform:

  • Green Account

The first and least account type is the Green account, designed for those who are new to trading.

The green account is also open to individuals who have limited investment capital. The minimum investment capital applicable to traders operating a green account is €5000.

Green account holders have access to daily market reviews and updates. They may also be able to use the leverage feature and may access leverage of 1:2 for UST pairs and 1.4 for others.

There is zero spread on the account with a 25% company credit accrued to the account. Traders with this account may have access to ebooks plus daily webinars as well as complete academy training and a personal analyst.

  • Premium account

The premium account is the second category of DMX Markets account. It is for traders with a considerable level of experience in trading.

Traders operating this may enjoy several benefits such as loyalty points, access to trade experts, 0 spread, leverage of 1:2 for UST pairs, and 1:4 for others.

Other outstanding benefits include all those features that are available for green account owners and more. Traders may have to pay a minimum of €50,000 as a deposit to use it.

  • Executive Account

The Executive account, as the name implies, is designed for executive members of DMX Markets.

Holders of this account are individuals who have professional knowledge of how to trade efficiently on different financial market assets.

They may have a far higher level of experience than premium and green account holders.

They are referred to as top risk-takers because the minimum amount a trader can deposit on the platform while operating this account is €100,000.


The tools that come with this account type are advanced hence the need for a high level of experience in managing the account.

Traders may have access to more outstanding features that are befitting of an account of this status.


All the features available on the other two account types are available to executive account holders with more added features.

Traders may have access to hourly trade recommendations from top market analysts. They may even have access to analysts on demand.


  • Presidential Account

The presidential account is an account that is the highest account available on the DMX trading platform.

Traders operating the presidential account are accorded presidential privileges in line with the terms of the agreement between traders and the broker.

A presidential account holder is one who has expert knowledge of trading. Such traders may have backed several years of experience as active traders in the financial market.

The minimum deposit amount for presidential account holders is €250,000.

The investment risk is exceptionally high and should only be undertaken by those who understand what they are getting themselves into.

These traders may also be reasonably comfortable finance wise because one of the first trading rules is that “a trader should not trade with funds that he cannot afford to lose. Trading may go south, though there are measures you can put in place to limit the risk.


Presidential account owners have access to a plethora of outstanding features and high-end tools that may be helping traders to generate their investment return within a short period.

While executive account owners have access to hourly trade recommendations, presidential account holders have real-time recommendation feed to help them make on the spot trading decisions. They have a customized loyalty point plan as well as well-tailored leverage to enhance turnover milestones.

Private Policy and terms of the agreement

The broker uses this channel to inform traders about specific trading rules and privacy policy binding traders. The exchange reiterates that trading may result in losses and profits. A successful trade session in the past is not a guarantee for positive outcomes in the future due to the volatility of most assets.

Trading may result in a loss of your entire investment capital, especially when you make use of the leverage feature. The broker advises traders not to risk more than they can afford to lose.

We recommend traders not to risk their retirement savings, emergency, or medical funds to invest in any trading platform since the outcome is not guaranteed.

Final Thoughts

Digital Media manages the DMX Markets trading platform, and it has an official presence at Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

The broker may be trusted to guide you through your trading career. You may make use of its variety of features, including multiple trading platforms and a demo account. But do endeavor to trade wisely.