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Retrograde planets 2020: dates and meaning

In June, three of the mighty planets, namely, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto will be retrograde,
and energising Mars will join the throng having started its retrograde motion on May 11th

This is then followed by Mercury going retrograde on 4th June 2020. Specifically, here is the list of dates and degrees of the zodiac of each of these planets when they change direction.

At 15 deg and 17 minutes of arc in Sagittarius Pluto went retrograde on March 18th 2020
and continues until 22nd August where it turns direct at 12 degrees 32 minutes of arc in

At 29 degrees and 03 minutes of arc in Sagittarius Mars goes retrograde on 11th May 2020
and continues until 19th July where it turns direct at 15 degrees and 08 minutes of arc in

At 8 degrees and 47 minutes of arc in Aquarius, Neptune also turns retrograde on 11th May
2020 and continues until 17th October 2020 and turns direct at 5 degrees and 59 minutes of arc in Aquarius.

AT 24 degrees and 50 minutes of arc Uranus turns retrograde on 29th May 2020 and
continues until 29th October 2020 when it turns direct at 20 degrees and 55 minutes of arc in Aquarius.

Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash

At 29 degrees and 58 minutes of arc in Gemini, Mercury turns retrograde on 4th June 2020
and continues until 28th June 2020 when it turns direct at 12 degrees and 12 minutes of arc in Gemini.

This is a strong emphasis on the air and fire signs during June 2020 in particular.
Personally I don’t like it when the planets are in this phase. I always feel as though I can
“detect” or “feel” this retrograde time. I don’t like to make major changes during those times, unless I absolutely have to. I don’t like to move house when Pluto is retrograde.

It tends to make me feel I am not making the right choice for me at those times.
When planets are retrograde, whichever ones they are, it is more of a time to re-assess or
go over previous decisions and moves and consider whether we could have allowed
ourselves other alternatives.

In retrospect we see our failures, or our bad choices and it is only then that we are able to perhaps understand why we made those decisions.

Mars Retrograde

Mars retrograde is about understanding our motivations and our desires and where we
should be directing, or re-directing our energies and focus. We may need to make alterations to our current situation or re-consider other ways to deal with situations that arise, and we may learn something in the process.

Sagittarius is amongst other things, connected with our philosophies and views on life. Now
we may have to look at whether these belief systems are still valid or of value to ourselves.

If we made a decision 3 months ago, we may now look at the situation differently and wonder why or question why we chose to believe that things were one way, when in fact they could be perceived a very different way.

Travel plans may also need revision or re-consideration or alteration. There may be
difficulties in the country where we had planned to visit, which may not make for the most
harmonious of holidays. This is quite a lengthy period that Mars is retrograde in Sagittarius
and apart from the sign it is in, it will also affect the house it rules in your chart, and the
house it was in natally.

Uranus Retrograde

Uranus retrograde in Aquarius, which rules friends, astrology etc, may see the arrival of
some rather uniquely expressive individuals who may test our understanding of what we
believe in, who we believe in.

Are our friends still the same, or have they changed, or have
we changed and no longer need them? We may make some radical alterations to our
current friendships, or they may do likewise with us. Astrology may have an influx of
alternative types becoming ‘noticed’ and perhaps upsetting the status quo and giving the
general public the impression (just once again) that astrologers are “weird”, “charlatans” and not to be trusted. I imagine the press may give some flak to astrologers, of course without the knowledge that astrology is a very viable and invaluable tool for understanding us frail human beings and the way we go about our lives.

Neptune Retrograde

Neptune in Aquarius and retrograde may also stimulate some people claiming to be
astrologers and perhaps misrepresenting the majority of astrologers, much to our dismay.
Another possible side to this can be the depth with which intuition can be utilised alongside
astrology to reveal fascinating insights into life, the future and everything under the Sun. It
can be a blessing or a disguise and only those with great clarity will see through the mist of

Pluto Retrograde

Pluto retrograde through Sagittarius, commencing on March 18th 2020, for several months
may see the arrival of everyone trying to put forth their philosophies and beliefs as the only
ones that are truly valid. Everyone will be on the bandwagon claiming to have all knowledge in any particular area they choose and try to shove it down the public’s’ often gullible throat.

Those wise and discerning among us will be able to see below the surface of all these
supposed gurus who claim to have the gift of insight and illumination and be on alert to their motives. Mostly these charlatans will be in it for the money, and in five years time may have little to show for what they believed at this point in time. People eventually grow weary and wary of people who claim to have all the answers, and just switch off and make up their own minds.

My theory about these few months, while five planets are retrograde (particularly between
4th June 2020 and 28th June 2020 while Mercury is retrograde) is to take time to take stock of your life, you can make plans, but not necessarily instigate or set in motion the bigger changes you wish to incorporate into your life.

It is a time for reflection, introspection, a time to ponder the meaning of life at your leisure. Allow yourself the luxury of not being rushed, pushed or shoved around by other people’s beliefs, but rather focus on what your own beliefs are and whether they need re-evaluation.

Mercury Retrograde
Mercury retrograde in any sign of the zodiac brings hiccups, reversals, having to retrace
one’s steps etc but in the sign Gemini, which it rules, brings the things that Mercury relates
to, even more to the fore.

You can get computer glitches, database problems, e-mail going astray or duplicating, mail
going to the wrong address, having to re-order articles via mail or Internet, faxes playing up and getting the number wrong and having to re-send it. (See my major article on

Mercury Retrograde on my website as a feature article for further info).
Mercury being the relayer of information can cause havoc in communications on any level.
People will be talking but nobody’s listening, or people are reading and not understanding, or mail is received but not read in time. Errors in judgement, thinking, speech or writing will be the order (or disorder) of the day.

We may also hear some significant news regarding twins being born, or their is focus on
television about multiple births etc.

Uncannily enough, the written or spoken word can be highly activated for many during this
time, and personally, I have found myself writing prolifically during a Mercury retrograde
phase, and I have heard of other astrological writers experiencing similar situations and
producing some of their finest work.

I would personally wait until later in the year, when these planets are in forward motion, to
make any changes. I will allow myself these several months in which to consider their value, their significance and whether I really know what I really want to do, of my own accord.

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