Monday, June 27, 2022
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Heartwarming moment petrol station worker turns up at customer’s door to return lost £300 wallet

A WEBSITE designer was left “speechless” after his £300 wallet was returned to him a week after he lost it by a petrol station worker.

Joseph Kidd, from Edinburgh, was gobsmacked when a BP employee turned up at his home clutching his Gucci wallet on Monday.

The moment was caught on his home CCTV camera and shows Joseph’s disbelieving parents answering the door to the local hero who has been named online as “Mark”.

The clip shows the BP worker stood at the 20-year-old’s door step clutching the wallet with its £40 contents in tact.

Joseph’s dad answers the door and the good samaritan says: “Is Joseph Kidd here? I’ve got something for him.”

He then presents the wallet and Joseph’s father lets out a disbelieving chuckle.

Gucci Waller
Joseph’s £300 Gucci wallet was left lying on the forecourt

He then shouts for his son saying: “He’s been looking all over for that.”

More excited shouting can be heard from inside the house and “Mark” is seen cracking a smile.

Joseph took to Twitter to share a photo of the wallet shortly after it was returned.

He posted the snap with the caption: “No chance has some BP petrol station employee just showed up to my gaff at 10pm with my Gucci wallet I lost like 5 days ago.

Joseph holding waller
Joseph was reunited with the wallet which still had its £40 contents in tact

“Thought that was an absolute goner!

“Not a penny was missing either, goes to show there’s still decent people out there.”

Joseph’s post, which has clocked up more than 62,000 likes, has warmed the hearts of social media users.

Keith Nolan wrote: “Nice one, glad you got it back and major props to the lad dropping it back to you.”

One user named Lily praised the “angel” hero and said: “I hope you gave him a reward.

Petrol station worker on doorstep
The local hero turned up in his full work uniform

And Jewel Leigh said: “There are still good hearted people in the world see!

“In fact I believe the majority are good hearted. Got to keep believing!”

Speaking today, keen automotive photographer Joseph, said: “I found myself speechless really.

“My parents shouted me down from my room as they knew I’d been so annoyed at losing it over the 6 days and they were in awe too.

“It was just very unexpected to be honest.

“I gave him something for it, he didn’t want to take it but we forced it for his good deed and the effort put into returning it to me.”

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