Outdoor walking group launched to help stressed out business leaders

KM Outdoors launches walking group for business owners
Chris Nelson is leading the new support group (Image supplied)

AN EDINBURGH based consultancy firm has launched a programme of outdoor activities to help stressed out business leaders.

Strategy consultants, Christopher George, are inviting leaders from different industries to come together and provide informal support for each other.

The programme, KM outdoor, will see groups of six people embark on walks across the city.

Christopher George say the scheme is designed to combat the “stress and loneliness” of running a business, by providing a space for leaders to “get a better perspective on life and work.”

Chris Nelson of Christopher George said: “Over the years I’ve witnessed first-hand, from family to friends to clients, the difference indulging in an outdoor activity can make both personally and professionally.

“Whether this be hiking through the Cairngorms, enjoying the waters of the Scottish West Coast or just an hours lunchtime walk in one of Edinburgh’s amazing city spots.

“The Covid 19 pandemic means that change within our businesses is inevitable. Our approach to business will change.  How we operate will change.  How we lead should also change.

“A business lead by a physically healthy leader with positive mental health, an open attitude and a willingness to learn and to talk openly, will lead to a much healthier business, whether you run a small independent café or you’re the CEO of a multinational.”