Pub owner shares hack to fit in more punters ahead of first weekend bars re-open

Pub owner replaces turns pool table into seating
Owner Scott Wann says it’s a simple way to get more customers in (Image : Scott Wann)

A SCOTTISH bar has revealed a unique way to fit more punters in on the first weekend pubs reopen in Scotland – by turning a pool table into a seat for six.

The Millgate Bar in Arbroath, Angus are so desperate to pack in customers that they came up with the novel solution yesterday.

New social distancing guidelines mean that pub-goers must be sat down while in the bar, so owner Scott Wann, 22, came up with the clever hack.

Photos show how the pool table has been covered over with a piece of wood to create a table top.

Chairs have then been placed around it to create the seating area, which can fit six customers.

Pub owner replaces turns pool table into seating
The set up comes ahead of this weekend’s expected rush. (Image: Scott Wann)

The new seating is compliant with social distancing, but means the bar, which has struggled like many during lockdown, can squeeze in a few more guests.

Writing on Facebook yesterday, Scott said: “So we can make sure we get as many people as we can in, we have set up the pool table as a table.

“Remember over the weekend it is first come first serve and table service only. Friday and Saturday we will have plenty of staff on to make sure the service is fast and as efficient as possible.”

Speaking yesterday, Scott revealed the set up was a trial run for the weekend.

He said: “We opened up on Wednesday and it was really good, we probably had about 40 people in, which is good for a Wednesday night.

Pub owner replaces turns pool table into seating
Scott with fiancee Kirsty McFarlane (Image: Scott Wann)

“We just thought this could maximise table space since everyone has to be sat down now.

“I’ve got a mate who does this with his pool table at home so that’s what inspired it.

“Throughout lockdown it was obviously hard. We’ve got four staff members so the furlough scheme helped. Plus it’s given us time to get the place decorated.

“On a normal weekend without restrictions we’d be seeing about 120 people in, now our capacity is limited to 68, so this extra table will be really useful.”