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How to Get Your Profile in Trending or Explore Page of Instagram?

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Instagram is the only and widely used platform which is providing many benefits if you own a business account. The platform has managed to become one of the major and renowned marketing and promotional tool for advertising the services and products through the web.

As we are coming close to the digital world, we realize that Instagram has been the sweetheart and most loved platform worldwide for better reasons. It is appreciated and being expressed by celebrities, teenagers, adults, influencers, journalists, etc.

In short, every person who knows how to use a smartphone loves and uses Instagram. It became possible only because of the perks given to the business and individuals who are seeking validation.

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But, your work isn’t as simple as creating a business profile and all of your work will be taken care of completely. Certainly not, it would be best if you had to understand the basics of growing and maintaining followers on Instagram.

Your motive to get your posts placed in explore is to get more engagement and followers. Though, you can buy Instagram followers. Many services are there offering such services i.e Social Followers where one can buy Instagram followers UK.

Some of the renowned business work on the method of buying followers while others work organically. This is the best way to validate your profile on the Instagram platform.

Importance of Instagram in Flourishing Business

It is appropriate and completely authentic to have an Instagram account for business purposes, including marketing and promotion.

Businesses have given endless opportunities to evolve and promote themselves from different social media platforms. Like in Instagram, they can focus on the larger number of audiences for promoting their services and products.

All you have to do is use the right strategy with the help of Instagram, through which you can flourish your brand in the market. You can create and increase profile engagement and keep track of it, leading to more revenue generations and sales.

In this article, we will highlight some of the best ways for reaching your profile in the Instagram trending list.

Change your profile to a business account

The first and the foremost thing to do is creating a business profile specifically to promote your online business through Instagram.

It is essential as a personal profile can’t offer you as diverse options even if you cross 1 million followers. Not only that, but you also can not show your entire activity to the public, whereas business account provides you with the opportunity to do so.

Engage With Your Audience

Engage with your audience consistently. One way to engage with your audience is by adding a call to action for commenting and writing their views. This can help flood your posts with tons of comments which is a direct signal of a post being popular. In result, Instagram give such posts more value and can be helpful in getting more Instagram followers.

Boost the life of your Instagram account

Secondly, you have to boost the lift of your Instagram account. Now, most of your aren’t aware of such term, it means staying active for a long time at a single platform.

According to research, on Instagram, 90% of the times an old account is more likely to show up on the explore page comparing to the new ones. You have to ensure that you have been on Instagram for enough time before promoting your business.

Leverage Influencer Marketing

If you are a business then influencer marketing for your profile is helpful. If you get tagged by the influencers it will help your account look credible. Try to outreach influencers in your niche to get shuotouts.

To get the true benefit from this tactic and viralizing your content on Instagram, you should be well aware of the fact that influencers with the fake followers do not usually have enough engagement. So make sure that you trust the audience of the influencer you are going to hire for shoutout.

Increase your Instagram following

One of the most important factors for considering for reaching your profile among the trending list of Instagram is to increase the active followers. If you’re seeking a place on the explore page, you must have a good number of followers. It depends on the popularity of your business profile on Instagram.

For that, you have to understand the requirement of increasing Instagram followers. The major thing about that is building solid engagement among your followers.

You can build engagement by implementing strategies to have more comments, likes, and impressions on your posts. This will ultimately result in more attention.

But the story doesn’t end here, many accounts on Instagram also have millions of followers even then they do not show up in the trending list. It is due to the non-active followers and less interaction. These active followers regularly contribute to the accounts, making it lively.

Leverage hashtags properly.

Hashtags are a significant element of Instagram, determining if your content is spreading evenly to your targeted audience. According to a survey, the business profiles that utilize hashtags for promotion have a major increase of 12.6% in engagement comparing to the ones who don’t.

You can use around 30 hashtags designated by Instagram per post. However, according to some analyst, the number cant exceeds 11.

People who don’t know what’s the correct way to incorporate with hashtags can lose all of their followings. This results in fewer chances of appearing in the trending list of Instagram.

However, it doesn’t entirely mean that you use all popular hashtags on your posts without any relevancy; this can make people think that you’re not reliable.

Another thing you can do for making your profile more trendy is to come up with your personalized hashtag. This way, people can use those hashtags, and more traffic can get linked with your brand.

Post consistency and at right times.

Another way of getting your account easier on the explore page is by staying active on the platform. It seems to be an obvious solution; however, it is what observed by the Instagram team. Observing a consistent time frame can help rank better. They follow the regularity and consistency of posts on different accounts before getting one verified. There is no use of requesting for verification if you’re not using the account regularly.

Write good captions.

Instagram is entirely a media-based application; however, boosting your posts with a powerful can brisk the leads and is a meaningful gesture to increase.

Most people ask why captions are so important! For them, the answer is that those few yet stable lines can help to lift your text and give the direction and perspective to your image. Not only that but the captions can also portray a better view of your personality.

Then the next question that bumps into most minds is how you can craft an Instagram caption attracting your followers? Through captions, you have a vast room to attract a vast number of audiences, but coming up with unique captions every day is a daunting task.

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