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Why you should try CBD tablets


With so many CBD products looming in the market, you may be confused about why you should try some over others. Mostly, the wonderment questions about the considering reasons. If wondering why you should try CBD tablets, this post is meant for you. Therein, you will learn what CBD tablets are, and their benefits on why you should try them. Take a look!

Similar to other CBD infusions, a CBD tablet is CBD infused supplement in gel form. The CBD capsules are supplied in pre-measured doses, thus becoming easy to use. Typically, one Capsule is equivalent to one serving. So, the consumer doesn’t struggle to identify how much to take.

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However, the regulation struggles within the CBD industry in the UK mean that it is important to do your due diligence and research the quality CBD products to buy. Be it CBD capsules, edibles or oil – always prioritize quality.

With that, here are some of the reasons why you should give CBD tablets a try.

1.  Discreet consumption

As mentioned earlier, CBD tablets are very caring. Whenever taking them, you won’t struggle; you pop the pill in your mouth and then take a sip of water. Besides, they’re painless and won’t affect your sublingual glands.

It is quick and easy to consume CBD tablets because the dosage is pre-measured. With CBD tablets, all is made easy for you to enjoy without any hassles.

2.  Convenient

A CBD tablet makes it easy for you to travel with. You won’t worry about spills, or waste, since, as said earlier, tablets are discreet. The convenience comes with a lot of benefits. For instance, instead of carrying the full dose as is the case with oil, you can carry a specific quantity of CBD tablets.

Again, you won’t use a dropper to ensure you dose the right amount. Instead, one CBD capsule translates to one serving.

3.  Non-narcotic and THC free

CBD pills are cannabis extracts – a plant that hosts numerous positive health benefits of marijuana, less narcotic side effects. Besides, CBD is sourced from pharmaceutically graded hemp, making it THC free. So, if you don’t want to have THC in the CBD product you consume, CBD tablets are a good choice.

Moreover, with CBD tablets, you rest assured you cannot fail a drug test. Remember, these tablets are pure CBD and free from THC that’s scanned during a drug test. Also, you don’t have to worry about the product’s safety since, as non-narcotic, it must comply with CBD regulations to remain legal.

Due to the absence of narcotics and THC, CBD tablets alleviate pain and inflammation without affecting your liver or risk your health as it is the case with powerful narcotic pain relievers.

4.  Bioavailability

Similarly to CBD oil, you ingest CBD tablets orally. However, the body’s response differs. With oils, the body quickly processes CBD into the bloodstream, hence likely to experience quick results. Conversely, with CBD tablets, the pills go through the whole digestive system before absorption in the bloodstream. The potency of the capsules is released during digestion, allowing the take advantage of lasting effects.

5.  Tasteless

Unlike other CBD ingestibles that are flavored, CBD tablets contain no flavors, hence no after-taste. This makes it a strong option if you find it overwhelming taking CBD oil orally or other CBD infusions that can taste of hemp somewhat. That means, whenever you take the tablets, you won’t experience the earthy taste of CBD oil.

6.  Non-psychoactive

CBD tablets don’t interact with brain receptors in the same way THC does. Instead, they soothe and relax the body without high feelings.

Moreover, even if you take much of them, you cannot experience THC’s euphoric effects. But, you will likely experience the potential CBD overdoes effects, though not lethal. Notably, it is hard to overdose CBD tablets, and when done, the results may not be adverse.

7.  Counteracts THC intoxicating effects

Some of the well-known THC intoxicating side effects include; paranoia, drowsiness, memory loss, couch lock, lethargy, altered perception, etc. Unlike other CBD infusions, which may contain THC traces, hence mildly countering or maintaining the THC intoxicating effects, CBD capsules ultimately curb their intensifying effects. This is because CBD tablets are pure CBD, which has the capability of neutralizing toxins.

8.  Non-addictive

Cannabidiol products in the form of CBD tablets, in particular, are not addictive. Instead, they are used to rehabilitate drug addicts. Unlike CBD oil (full-spectrum CBD oil), which may contain THC traces that can stimulate brain receptors, CBD tablets are pure CBD. And due to the absence of psychoactive properties, you cannot be addicted to using them.

9.  Powerful results

Unlike vaped or smoked CBD infusions, which often require the user to smoke or vape for a period of time before the product kicks in, with CBD tablets, only one Capsule produces similar results and requires far less time to consume.

Again, the way the stomach metabolizes cannabidiol, CBD tablets emerge to be more powerful – just one can give you a glut of CBD health benefits.

10.             Long-lasting effects

Typically, CBD capsules follow the full digestion process, which is relatively long and slow. So, after the ingestion of CBD pills, their effect takes longer to be felt than when you use a smoked CBD blunt or cream. And when the effect kicks in, it takes longer to leave the body. In turn, you will also need fewer CBD tablets in a day.


It is irrefutable that CBD has notable therapeutics, but people should not be too quick to dismiss traditional natural alternatives even with this. Unlike artificial medicines, which may be characterized by numerous side effects that can hurt the consumer, CBD is an organic treatment option that harnesses self-body repair without causing any negative side-effects.

As a result, CBD promotes homeostasis and prevents the body from overreacting to imbalances that can negatively harm your health. However, before using CBD products, consult a physician for a recommendable dose. And remember, CBD tablets shouldn’t be used to diagnose, treat, or cure any ailment.