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5 Tips for Smarter Customer Outreach


Companies are all about their clients. As a business owner, your number one priority should be making your customers happy and having them clamoring for more of whatever you’re offering. But how can you expect to do this without truly reaching your client base? Communication is key, and it is a two-way street. When you’re making everything about your customers, you want to be sure you’re actually reaching them.

Outreach is the best way to get people on board with your brand and supportive of your goals. But customer outreach has greatly expanded over the past several years. While posting flyers or sending an email campaign may have worked in the past, those are feeble attempts to gain supporters in today’s world of instant gratification, spam, and overwhelming amounts of media. If you truly hope to reach your audience, you need new, creative methods for successful outreach and marketing campaigns. Work smarter, not harder. Follow along to examine five of the tips for success at smarter outreach.

Listen to the voice of the customer.

One way to communicate with your customers is to give them an avenue to reach you. Surveys can be incredibly effective if you utilize them correctly. In well thought out customer feedback programs such as SurveyGizmo, you can improve your listening skills and work to develop a truly customer-centric business. With secure collaboration, efficient results, involved inquiries, and visual data, you can take customer feedback and turn it into the best customer experience. When you show your clients that you actually respect their opinions, they feel valued and appreciated. It’s the best way to garner commitment and customer loyalty.

Embracing modern communication through texting.

How do you typically communicate nowadays? Is it over the phone or through email? Or perhaps it may be more common for you to conduct your business through text. Your business can utilize this same method of thinking to connect with your customers directly through their mobile phones. Embrace the modern way of communication and utilize text softwares like peerly. This is a low-cost person-to-person texting software where you get to have real-time conversations with your customers in an efficient way. This powerful engagement tool gives you current data while bringing in new customers and increase your respondents.

Image by Scott Graham on Unsplash

Take advantage of influencer culture.

In the world of social media, influencers have a lot of, well, influence. Models or social gurus can actually help you sell your products. Embracing influencer culture means you can have a spokesperson for your brand that already has a dedicated following and can help potential clients take the next step to becoming loyal customers. You simply provide products or develop content that is then shared with a broader audience in a direct, effective way.

Use the right leads.

Gone are the days of cold calls and wide-reaching email campaigns. Outreach has become much more personalized. In fact, sending broad, basic emails may give your clients a negative experience when they’re annoyed at cleaning their inbox. This is where data analysis will help you find your ideal customer and create custom information to reach them. Know your ideal client and target those users specifically. You’ll see greater response rates when customers feel that sense of personalization and human interaction.

Know your “why.”

People don’t always want to buy things, but they want to buy experiences. In a similar way, the “what” of your company is much less important than the “why.” Share your story. Tug on the heartstrings of your consumers. Rather than just saying “we make this product,“ tell a story about your innovative methods, your passion for the industry, or how you believe your business is making the world a better place and why that is important to you. Developing the ”why” is the ultimate question that will lead everything you do and be a powerful tool moving forward.