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11 Tips for Boosting Traffic to Your Website


The internet is a diversely evolving ever-crowded space. In such a scenario it can get very difficult to stand out and get noticed. Since you can’t outdo Google, who is responsible for giving your website a ranking in cyberspace, you will have to work inside the system. You’ll have to use the tried and tested methods, prepare yourself and then make the commitment to implementing those steps in a bid to get more people on your website, portal, blog page, etc.(Tips for boosting your online traffic. Source: Pixabay)

One of the prerequisites is to have a safe and secure web hosting service for you to park your online business. You can search for the best one on Hosting Foundry. Once your website is up and running, the following tips and suggestions can come in handy for you to increase your overall traffic. 

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  1.   Put up great content

They say ‘content is king’ in the media parlance. This holds true for the online world too as people tend to typecast your website based on the content it is providing to millions of internet users. If you write great content then people won’t hesitate to come back to your site for more. If you keep your content page updated, it will keep the users hooked and they’ll share your links on other websites which will drive your traffic for free.

  1.   Invest in the best SEO practice

If you haven’t worked to get the best out of internet search, then you’re going to have a tough time increasing viewers and readers on your digital portal. Discover and spend time analyzing what kind of things your target audience is searching for and implement that learning on your product page. Optimizing your website for internet search is one of the fundamental things you can do to get more traction on your page.

  1.   Get mobile optimization

People who are using a desktop for their computing and internet needs are decreasing as we speak thanks to advancement in smartphone technology. People are now eager to carry their favorite piece of content on the go on their mobiles. If you want to cater to such a savvy pool of audience, you will have to optimize your website for mobile usage; check how the content is showing up on your company’s mobile site, its responsiveness, design layout and the need for you to develop a mobile application among other things. You crack this, and you’ll end up reaching more users than you thought of.

  1.   Use LinkedIn, Quora, Reddit

To market the content that’s already on your portal, you can use LinkedIn’s publishing platform to showcase your products. Use Quora to answer specific questions which are pertaining to your domain. Publish useful posts on Reddit, which is a massive community where you can share information and converse with millions of people. Proper management of these three online tools can help you garner higher traffic.

  1.   Make use of YouTube videos

YouTube is an excellent way to get traffic on your blog link. It is the second most searched website in the world and increased exposure there could be big for your business. Start by making and publishing tutorial videos that add good value and leave a link in the description.

  1.   Try Facebook, Instagram ads

If you want to reach a global audience, Facebook presents a great space for you to market your product. This works out well if you can convert traffic into sales. Instagram, on the other hand, is a highly targeted avenue you can explore to reach potential target audiences. Take good quality pictures and photos of your business and feed the sense of need among people.

(Tips for boosting your online traffic. Source: Pixabay)

  1.   Don’t neglect email marketing

This is one of the most tried and tested methods that have worked well for people in bringing more people to your website. Of course you’ll have to work with a solid list of clients to market your business to. Remember you don’t have to bombard the user with mails about each update in your business but latest offers or a new service is good to be mailed out.

  1.   Engage in influencer marketing

Find influencers on social media like Twitter and Instagram, connect with people that share your cause and are from your industry and you won’t have to depend on your smallish audience to get more traffic on the website.  

  1.   Promote your website through Outbrain and Taboola

If you have the budget and the mechanism to track the users, you can go for promoting your website through portals like Outbrain and Taboola. They will promote your content on similar websites and blogs that can bring in more revenue via clicks to your site.

  1. Host webinars

Webinars is a kind of promotional trend that’s catching up the world over and it is a good fit to drive traffic on your website. By hosting free webinars you will get a chance to connect with your audience directly. Post the invite to the free webinar on various social platforms a week in advance and offer them a sneak peek into what they should anticipate a day before the online event.


  1. Research your competitors

You’ll always be at an advantageous position when you know what your rival is up to. You can look at traffic monitoring websites that can give you a view about what your competitors are doing that users are opting for them and what you can add in your content and product strategy to lure more people onto your website.