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RoFx to go Public in 2021: Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Interested

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The Story So Far

RoFx is the brand name of a software provider which has an Expert Advisor product on the market. It has been operating in the market for more than 10 years ever since its initial launch in 2009. Since its inception it has carved out a reputation as being one of the most efficient and secure forex robot services in the world, being especially helpful for forex traders. With a 50000 strong clientele spreading across several countries around the world. RoFx has always strived towards providing the highest degree of transparency to its clients while providing a constant stream of profits. Recently there has been news circulating that RoFx is planning on going public with its IPO slated to take place in the third quarter of 2021.

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Interest from Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway

The RoFx IPO has been generating quite the hype for a variety of reasons. Apart from its ten-year experience in the market, the growth in user base and clientele certainly boost the company’s profile and credibility in the mainstream. However, there is one particular factor that has made RoFx the talking point in many financial forums. If certain news outlets are to be believed, Berkshire Hathaway, where Warren Buffett serves as a chairman is apparently interested in taking part in this IPO. Many experts believe that the firm is in talks for investing about $500 million. RoFx could use the funds for AI development, which would further improve the quality of its trading results. Buffett’s interest and apparent involvement not only increases the interest in RoFx but also reflects the credibility and legitimacy of the brand name in the market.

Why You Should be interested in this IPO

When investors go for a particular company, they should take an in-depth look into the company’s fundamentals rather than basing their decisions solely on hype. It plays an important role in forecasting how the company’s future will roll out. In this case, we’ve put forward some factors which make RoFx a viable investment for almost all investors.

Client Fund Safety is Priority

RoFx is one of the very few services of its kind which promise 100% client fund safety. In other words, the software ensures that its clients do not lose funds, even in the most adverse market conditions. Other measures taken to maximize user profits is the use of various money management and risk management tools, which keep losses to a bare minimum. In addition to that, RoFx does not allow leverage trading and it also has strict stop-loss systems in place. The company has entered into alliances with several brokerage firms across continents which are in turn regulated by international regulatory bodies.
In Addition to this, the negative balance protection feature which RoFx provides makes it stand out from the crowd. Any losses incurred by the user which is caused by the robot are automatically compensated via their reserve fund. All of these points make RoFx one of the most stable robots to use.

Level of Customer Experience

RoFx provides the ultimate user experience, as indicated by their official website. From the start, one can see that it does not involve any cumbersome installation process like other similar services do.  It has a seamless, fast, and easy process that does not take in excess of 5 minutes to complete. Just simply visit their website, select and subscribe to a particular package, and you are ready. The rest of the process is handled by the robot with all trading activities being autonomous on the platform.

The RoFx technology

RoFx is actually more of a technology company than it’s a provider of expert advisors. This is reflected in the sophisticated technology that it uses, making it stand out from the rest of the pack. It uses an Artificial Intelligence-driven neural network, which adjusts according to prevailing market conditions. This allows RoFx to correctly form a prediction about how the market behaves, based on past references of the market.  Also, there is a team of programmers and traders behind the software, who constantly update the software with new, back-tested strategies.

Trading Results

The best place to evaluate the effectiveness of a forex robot or EA is to take a look at their respective myfxbook page, which is an authoritative site for this purpose. If we take a look at RoFx’s official myfxbook page, it’s quite apparent why it is regarded as one of the best. The software has recorded an astounding gain of 740.77% and a small drawdown rate of 0.35%, which is excellent for an EA.  Myfxbook checks these figures and updates them on a regular basis. This not only reflects the reliability of the service but can also give you an estimation of how much you can earn in the long run.

Company’s Future potential

RoFx is one of the best sources of passive income available to normal people. In a world after the Covid 19 pandemic, it can serve as a source for a risk-free investment. This, coupled with the company’s track record and trading results, make it a company to look out for in the future.


Although the world markets look bleak currently due to the pandemic, financial experts expect it to improve following the pandemic. This is the perfect opportunity for many life-changing companies to be born, making the upcoming period very profitable for upcoming firms. All the above factors point towards the RoFx IPO being a huge success.  So you should sign up and take a look at what they have to offer, before investing in the IPO. Even if you are not an investor, RoFx can appeal to you as a good source of generating passive income.



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