Stunning video shows man ice skating on a frozen Loch Skeen with his adorable dog


STUNNING video shows a skydiver ice skating on a frozen lake in Scotland alongside his adorable dog.

Engineer Murray McAllan filmed several short clips of himself skating around the loch in the sunshine in Dumfries and Galloway at the weekend (31 JAN).

McAllan, 30, who lives nearby, posted a video on TikTok last weekend presenting the jaw dropping views of Loch Skeen and surrounding glens at Grey Mare’s Tail. 

His beloved golden retriever Bailey is shown running alongside him, in his element as they navigate around the loch.

The clips begins by showing McAllan’s feet skating along the ice, before tilting up to reveal the icy bens and glens glistening in the bright sunshine. 

As he pans the camera around, viewers are presented with a bright, white landscape of Loch Skeen covered in snow – sheltered from the harsh highland winds by surrounding hills.

Towards the end of the brief clip, McAllan’s two-year-old dog Bailey bounds toward him across the ice, tail wagging and looking into the camera. 

Stunning video shows man ice skating on a frozen Loch Skeen with his adorable dog - Viral Video News Scotland
McAllan’s 2-year-old golden retriever Bailey playing on the ice

The TikTok clip has clocked up almost 40,000 views and over 7,000 likes on the platform in just two days.

TikTok viewers couldn’t believe their eyes at the picturesque scene, with many leaving comments questioning whether it could even be in Scotland. 

One user @saskiathain commented: “I refuse to believe this is in Scotland, wow.” 

Another user, @bean_the_weeb said: “beautiful scenery and a good doggo = perfect video.”

@equiianna added: “Seems like I’m moving to Scotland then.”

Speaking today (TUE), McAllan said it was the first time he had skated at Loch Skeen:

“I have ice skated before, mainly at local parks on frozen ponds and stuff, but nothing compared to that.”

McAllan said he is lucky enough to have the gorgeous Loch Skeen on his doorstep and has visited the frozen area plenty of times.

When pictures appeared on social media at the weekend revealing the huge loch had completely frozen over, he seized the chance to go up to it for a spin. 

He said: “I knew it was frozen from having seen photos of it online. So I just put my skates in my backpack and went for it.

“I think it’s like six feet deep, but I never heard a single crack while I was on it.”

Further clips supplied by McAllan showed even more fun footage of him and Bailey enjoying the tranquility of skating in the sun on Loch Skeen. 

Stunning video shows man ice skating on a frozen Loch Skeen with his adorable dog - Viral Video News Scotland
Bailey runs behind McAllan as he skates along

These show McAllan continuing to skate and film around the loch with no one else in sight, cutting smooth lines along the snow while Bailey trots alongside him leaving pawprints in it. 

Footage also shows the sun’s rays shining in a bright halo over a snow-covered hillside as Bailey runs in front of McAllan. 

He added: “It was pretty crazy.

“The sun was shining onto the hillside and then because there was quite a wind up on the top you could see the snow getting rolled over.”