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Air freight – Shipping rate, costs and tips


In today’s global marketplace, competition is over fast delivery. And only air freight can provide such a service. This is a modern option in the shipping industry. If you are new or old in importing from China, we can help. You can put your shipping cargo from A to Z on our shoulders. Topshipping has a wide range of logistics solutions. Let’s get started. 

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Suitable goods for air freight

Air freight has the ability to carry any type of goods weighing up to 500 kg. But for some goods it is more cost effective than sea freight. Therefore it is suitable for:

  • Valuable and sensitive goods. Goods such as jewelry, which are both lightweight and require double safety, are shipped this way. Or artwork and luxury products.
  • These goods are temperature sensitive and require special conditions for shipping.
  • Seasonal clothes that should be used for the same season and have high demand, need fast delivery.
  • Live animals.
  • Perishable foods and planet. Because they need special conditions and fast delivery.
  • Production samples. When you are looking for a suitable manufacturer, you should first get a sample of them. Evaluate it and then decide. At this point you definitely need a quick move.

Air freight services – Call it modernity

You can use air freight to convert a 30-day sea freight shipping into 2-3 days delivery. In addition, strong logistics services are the key to its popularity:

  • Online tracking: With advanced applications, you can be informed of the status of your good at any time.
  • Door to door delivery: Air freight offers any type of delivery in the shortest possible time such as airport to door and door to door.
  • High level of security: The possibility of theft and accident is almost zero.

Fast speed service: It is the turning point of this method. It allows small and large businesses to grow rapidly in the global market.

Multiple flights services: If the flight does not have capacity, or the loading is delayed, the next flight departs on the same day. So do not worry, the delays in this method are negligible.

Air crafts 

In addition to these services, no matter what condition your good has or what its features are, it has a solution for it. Air freight offers a wide range of air crafts and flights with different services.

Cargo aircraft: Specifically, it only moves cargoes. Its interior space has the ability to store small pallets up to heavy machinery.

Commercial plane: If your goods are small, it is better to use this plane. Because it is more cost effective. It also has 2 types: Narrow bodies and Wide bodies. Both can carry pallets and containers.

Air charter services: It is the best option for goods that have a time limit. Because it has the fastest delivery.

Air freight rate and costs

Naturally, the costs of this method, like other methods of freight forwarding, depend on various factors. But first of all, you need to know how to calculate the air freight rate. Here, the weight of the product is important.

First you calculate the actual weight of the goods. Then you measure its volumetric weight. A larger number determines the rate. Be sure to make this measurement accurately. Because they measure the final weight again at the airport. But generally its rate is between $1.50-$4.50 per kilogram.

Also other factors affecting the cost are:

  • Your goods are exposed to a lot of damage during the trip such as Incorrect loading. As a result, you may need to spend some time and money for packaging. At this step, try to be generous. But as you have to apply the right layers of packaging, be careful that it is light.
  • Tax and duty
  • Fuel surcharges
  • Pickup and delivery
  • Warehousing
  • Insurance
  • Peak season. During this period, because demand is high and suppliers are low, prices are high. Avoid peak season.
  • You can use the incoterms rules to know during shipping that you or the seller is responsible for your costs and formalities. Remember that if you are new, EXW is the best.

Advantages and disadvantage

It is full of attractive benefits. Of course, there are limitations that are not suitable for some products and conditions.


The air sector is one of the most modern methods of freight forwarding. This sector has had innovative methods and technologies in recent years. The result is increased security and high speed of this method. Also, it is possible to ensure a specific temperature if necessary.

Minimum Customs formalities

In this method, customs paperwork is very low. This will reduce your shipping time. Also, in case of delay, you will not face many financial losses and time losses. For imports you need Airway Bill and customs declaration. Of course, keep in mind that each country’s export and import laws are different. And you may need other permissions.


With air freight, you can gain access to the hidden parts of the earth. There are no limits in the sky. Wherever you are, your needs will be met immediately.

You can also be smart in choosing the shipping method by knowing the disadvantages of air freight and depending on the type of goods.

High cost

It has high cost, but is it worth it? Remember, you get what you pay for. Air freight, although expensive, offers flexible services.

Weight and cargo restrictions

It is true that this way you can move a wide range of goods, but you have limitations. For example, goods with a maximum weight of 500 kg are allowed to load. Or some goods are not allowed to carry, such as lithium batteries.


This includes most shipping methods. The aircraft never lands at the final address or the ship anchors there. It is always complemented by land freight such as truck or train.

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