Sunday, May 22, 2022
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Prankster lodges petition to put “googly eyes” on controversial Edinburgh “Golden Turd”

A HILARIOUS petition has been started to install googly eyes on Edinburgh’s controversial new “Golden Turd” development.

Pit googly eyes oan the jobby
Petition to put googly eyes on St James Quarter golden jobby | Scottish News

The petition, called “Pit Googly Eyes Oan The Jobby”, has gathered hundreds of signatures since being started on Sunday.

The petition, started by someone known as HJ Giles, reads: “If we hiv tae tak look at it we should mak it mair entertainin.
“Pit googly eyes oan the jobby.”
Attached to the petition page is an image of the newly built St James Quarter which can be seen peaking out across the Edinburgh skyline. 

St James Quarter with googly eyes
St James Quarter edited to replicate the faeces emoji | Scottish News

However, someone has edited the picture by adding eyes to it so the ribbon style building resembles that of the poo emoji. 
The building design has created a stir in the past and renamed the “Golden Turd” due to the unusual tiered structure having a striking resemblance to faeces.
Since being set up on Sunday the petition is currently sitting at 287 signatures from supporters. 
It has already attracted 288 signatures out of its 500 target and has a collection of equally hilarious comments. 

Mark Kerry commented: “ London has The Shard. Edinburgh should have The Shart!”

Danny McKenzie wrote: “It’s essential that we establish this giant poo emoji!”

Sarah Betts said: “I’ve never felt more strongly about a cause”

Greg Cotton posted: “I’ve never signed a more important petition”

St James Quarter construction
Controversial eye sore St James Quarter during construction | Scottish News

The new St James Quarter in Edinburgh is set to replace the old St James Centre and is hoped to be a hot spot for shopping and eateries. 
The new building is set to open up in Easter 2021 and the design has been debated with Edinburgh locals, with many believing its an eye sore compared to its surrounding historic buildings.

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