Amazing footage shows WW2 bomb being detonated


AMAZING footage shows a WW2 bomb being detonated in a field after a nearby resident found it in their garden.

A bomb squad rushed out to collect the unexploded ordnance from outside a property on Willow Avenue in Smethwick, West Midlands yesterday.

The bomb was transported a mile away to popular dog walking area, Warley Woods, where the army bomb disposal launched a controlled explosion.

Photographs show a large Royal Logistic Corps Bomb Disposal van parked up outside where the bomb was found.

Video later captured a large white package placed in the middle of a field whilst police officers can be seen watching on in the background.

Upon detonation, a quick explosion threw brown and red soil into the air, alongside masses of debris and a large cloud of misty grey smoke. 


Bomb Disposal | History News UK
The bomb disposal unit secures Warley Woods in preparation for the controlled detonation.

Max Such, a resident of Willow Avenue who lives next door to where the bomb was discovered, posted the clip onto his Facebook page, writing: “WW2 bomb found in Willow Avenue today. 

“Just been brought up Warley Woods to detonate.


The clip attracted a mixed reaction from social media users – with some criticising the bomb squad for choosing the woods for the explosion.

Di Harper said: “Any chance WMP/Ministry of Defence paying the £12 membership of Warley Woods bearing in mind they are detonating an ordinance there?… there’s normally a melt down over a dog turd, nevermind explosions in the woods.” 

Brian Ross said: “K***heads! A lot of dogs are terrified of these – grow up!” 

Ritchy Edmunds wrote: “Somebody’s sandwiches just gone up in smoke.”

Bomb Disposal | History News UK
The bomb disposal unit attends the garden in Willow Avenue where the bomb was found.

However, Kirsty Isitt commented: “There was enough notice to dog walkers that the police had found a bomb in Willow Avenue and that Warley Woods would be closed to the public.

“I’d rather it go off in the woods than in somebody’s street!”

A spokeswoman from the West Midland Police said: “We were called after what’s believed to be an unexploded WW2 device was discovered in a garden in Willow Avenue, Bearwood, just before 1.30pm yesterday.

“It was removed by the army bomb disposal unit and a controlled explosion was carried out.

“A cordon has since been lifted.