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Lee McGregor determined to win European title following six months of watching daughter grow up over Facetime

Lee McGregor insists he will be inspired by the heartbreak of watching daughter Maddie grow up over Facetime for the past six months.

The British and Commonwealth bantamweight champion is hoping to get his hands on Karim Guerfi’s European title when the pair lock horns in Bolton on Friday evening.

The bout is finally set to go ahead following three previous postponements stretching back to November 11.

McGregor has been in camp in London since September alongside trainer Ben Davison, while partner Amber and Maddie have been back at the family home in Edinburgh.

Boxer Lee McGregor
McGregor is ready to lock horns with Guerfi (pic: @LeeMcGregor3)

And the 24-year-old admits he is determined to make sure the sacrifice of missing out on priceless time with his little girl is not in vain when he enters the ring with the Frenchman.

McGregor said: “All my sacrifice, pain that I’ve been through with the setbacks and being away from my family, that will be worth it on Friday night. 

“For the whole time apart from a couple of weeks here and there, I’ve been away from them so I’ve missed out on a helluva lot of my daughter’s early life. 

“I feel like I’ve been watching her grow through Facetime and videos and it’s been heartbreaking at times, it really is.  

“I can physically see it in photos and videos that she is changing in front of my eyes and I’m not there to witness it. 

“I actually managed to make her second birthday because it was just at the beginning of November and it was after I had tested positive for the virus. 

“I was at home for that, I also got to see her on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and I was back to London on Boxing Day. I was waking up on New Year’s Day sparring 12 rounds.

“A couple of more days and I’ll be back home, I’ll be back with that new belt and it will all be worth it.”

McGregor concedes viewers watching the fight at the Bolton Whites Hotel will not appreciate everything he has been through since September.

He added: “That’s one thing people don’t see.

“It’s crazy. For example, what we all go through, making weight and months and months of blood, sweat and tears all for this one night. “People see you under the bright lights and think it’s all well and dandy but it’s far from that. 

“I’ve put my body through hell to get to this stage. 

“But when I get into that ring on Friday night I’ll be fresh, refuelled and recharged, fit as a fiddle and ready for a 12-round battle if I need to.

“We’re nearly there and it’s touching distance, the next time I lace up those gloves it will be for real.”

McGregor is hoping that nothing will now get in his way of the fight after coronavirus-related issues forced three previous call-offs.

He added: “It’s the weigh in on Thursday, we’ll get that out of the way and then it’s time to get excited. 

“I got my negative result back on Wednesday morning so literally all I have to do now is weigh in. 

“It’s happening, it’s finally happening and I’m excited.”

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