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How learning about employee engagement can make your workforce more effective


Managers are drowning in the number of KPIs and performance drivers they need to focus on. Ensuring that efficiency is upheld and the value for stakeholders (and in particular shareholders) is maximised. Although it is important to ensure an efficient and profitable organisation, managers tend to forget about employees. With an increasingly high-skilled workforce, this is a common mistake that should be addressed. How can we make sure that we understand how our employees feel? This is where an employee engagement survey can come in handy. How do they feel connected to the organisation?

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Why employee engagement is important

Studies show that engaged employees are more productive and feel more committed to their work. The upside for managers? This does not necessarily require monetary incentives. Depending on the type of organisation and the work conducted by the employees, people are looking for different ways to stay engaged. For some organisations it can be decision-making, while others would like to see improved communications. Conducting an employee engagement survey can help to understand their needs.

Acting upon the outcomes

More importantly, managers need to act upon the outcomes. There are employee engagement providers with solid experience that can help you to set clear objectives and actions. In turn, you will receive a more productive and engaged workforce. Of course, this does not only come forward from a survey. You should also make sure that your mission, vision, and objectives are aligned with what your employees care about. When they feel aligned with these values, they are generally more productive.

Starting your engagement initiative

Luckily you do not need to start from scratch. Multiple providers have tooling available that you can use. There are ready-to-use surveys as well as detailed analytical tools and dashboards. Do align this with the needs and size of your organisation. If you work in a relatively small organisation, it already helps to have one-on-one conversations with employees. This helps to understand their needs and act accordingly. Larger organisations can benefit from the use of a survey and dashboard tooling for managers to gather insights.

A leader in employee engagement tooling

A leader in the field of employee engagement solutions is Effectory. This company offers multiple solutions and even developed a specialised COVID-19 survey that you can leverage. The advantage of working with their surveys is the analytical backbone you can use. The dashboards and insights generation is already in place when sharing a survey. This means that you can start acting upon the insights immediately. With their experience, they can pinpoint potential solutions for problems in your organisation so you can ramp-up quickly.

 With most people working from home since 2020, engagement is more important than ever. Now is the time for managers to take action and understand the needs of their employees. Only then will they be able to increase productivity and improve their KPIs.