Mum-of-three “dumbfounded” after finding 1.5″ piece of metal in Tesco mince


A MUM-OF-THREE has been left shocked after claiming she found a one and a half inch piece of metal from a “mincing machine” in her family dinner. 

Melissa Russell said she was dumbfounded after her husband Allan discovered the metal piece in amongst his plate of spaghetti bolognese last week. 

Melissa, 33, counted herself lucky that the piece of metal did end up on either of the plates of her children – two of which are autistic.

1.5" piece of metal found in mince | Food and Drink News UK
Melissa didn’t notice the metal that was inside the pack of mince until her husband Allan found it in his plate of bolognese. (C) Melissa Russel 

Melissa, from Portsmouth, Hampshire said she didn’t spot the piece of metal beforehand as she only uses plastic cooking utensils.

Melissa complained to Tesco on Facebook last Friday, writing: “Hello Tesco, you may want to check your mincing machines because I believe they may be missing a bit of metal.”

She included images of the finding showing her holding up the piece of detached dark grey metal. 

The metal piece has two rectangular holes in the center and has splatters of brown bolognese sauce still attached.

Speaking today Melissa said: “Bought the mince fresh from Tesco and cooked it up a few days later into a bolognese all seemed fine. 

“I never noticed anything because I only use plastic utensils due to my children.

“Half way through my husband pulled out the metal from his dinner.

“I was very lucky it ended up on my husband’s plate…

“My boys very much lack a sense of danger so could have very well put it in their mouth.

1.5" piece of metal found in mince | Food and Drink News UK
The piece of metal was approximately an inch and a half long.                                                               (C) Melissa Russel 

“The other side is it’s a good thing it was a larger piece if it was any smaller it could have been swallowed.

“I was completely dumbfounded and shocked. 

“I went to check everything I used to cook for dinner but the utensils were plastic and the pan is one should piece.”