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7 Instagram Engagement Hacks You Should Definitely Follow

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Do you feel your posts are not performing well on Instagram? It is probably because of a lack of engagement and audience interaction. Instagram engagement is crucial for every social marketer. The number of Instagram likes, shares, and comments determine your popularity online. Therefore, it is essential to increase engagement on Instagram to bring in new Instagram followers who would have otherwise never found you online. 

To help you succeed, we have come up with seven useful Instagram engagement hacks. But before that, let’s understand a bit more about engagement on Instagram. 

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Why Engagement matter on Instagram?

Increasing engagement on Instagram is more important than ever. Audience engagement is one crucial metric that the Instagram algorithm uses to rank your content in your follower’s Instagram feed. When you keep your audience engaged by increasing the likes and comments on your post, Instagram analyzes the interaction and positions your content on the top of your follower’s feed. 

If you can keep your audience engaged, chances are that you will gain more new Instagram followers. So, without further ado, follow the hacks given below to increase engagement on Instagram. 

7 Instagram Engagement Hacks you should follow

  1. Create Trendy Visual Content 

Content creation is the most crucial aspect of increasing engagement on Instagram. Create compelling content for your audience that provides valuable information. Set a color scheme and use interesting photos, videos, animations, or infographics to engage the audience. Try to incorporate recent trends in your content. Apart from feed posts, use Instagram Stories, IGTV, and Reels to share visual content. Add fun elements to your visual content to keep your audience engaged. Video marketing is an excellent way to gain Instagram followers. 

  1. Explore Instagram Stories

 Instagram stories appear on the top of the feed, and it remains for 24 hours. This makes the stories more visible and encourages your followers to view them more. Instagram stories provide several features to keep your audience engaged. You can share valuable information about your brand, show behind-the-scenes, and answer their questions. You can also go live to interact with your audience in real-time. 

  1. Create Captivating IGTV Series and Reels

IGTV series and Instagram reels are excellent for posting tutorials, product announcements, and brand campaigns. You can use these features to create high-quality content that will educate the audience and increase engagement on Instagram. Unlike Instagram Stories, IGTV series and reels remain permanently on your Instagram feed. They are more captivating than regular posts. And if your content is unique and trendy, chances are that you can even go viral on instagram and gain more Instagram followers. 

  1. Schedule Posts during Peak Time 

Another hack to increase engagement on Instagram is to publish posts when your audience is most active. This helps to increase the chance of getting more exposure. The Instagram algorithm calculates the rate of engagement at the time of posting. When the majority of your audience is online, you get higher engagement rates from your followers. As a result, the Instagram algorithm increases the visibility of your post on the explore page. You can look into Instagram Insights to identify the best time for scheduling posts. 

  1. Increase Personal Interaction with your Audience

Having direct interaction with your audience is always the best way to increase engagement on Instagram. Instagram followers connect well with brands that are authentic and relatable. When you create trustworthy relationships with your audience, they interact more with your posts. Further, it encourages them to share your post with their friends, helping you gain more Instagram followers. 

So how can you increase personal interaction? Reply to comments, answer questions and respond to posts that you are tagged in. 

  1. Conduct Contests and Giveaways

Running contests and giveaways is perhaps the most popular way to increase engagement on Instagram. Online contests allow you to offer free giveaway prizes in exchange for Instagram likes, comments, and shares. It also opens up an opportunity to establish your brand, promote your products and nurture a loyal customer base. 

Use social media marketing tools to plan your giveaway campaign. Add call-to-actions asking your audience to follow you and engage with your social media posts. You may even ask them to share or tag their friends in the post to gain Instagram followers. 

  1. Collaborate with Instagram Influencers 

Influencer marketing is an excellent way to increase brand awareness and gain Instagram followers. Influencers are internet celebrities with a massive Instagram following. Collaborating with popular influencers in your industry will significantly boost your presence online. 

Find popular influencers in your industry that may connect with your brand and make a deal with them. You can sponsor a post or provide a commission for a brand campaign. Build a marketing strategy to approach the audience in the best possible way. It will help to attract high-quality traffic to your website.

Final Thoughts 

Instagram is the topmost marketing channel to reach out to your potential customer base. However, to be able to promote your brand, you’ll have to gain more Instagram followers. And, the possibility of gaining Instagram followers depends on the audience engagement rate. Engagement on Instagram is a metric calculated by the number of likes, shares, comments, and views on your Instagram posts. The above hacks will help you increase engagement on Instagram. If you use these hacks correctly, it’ll boost your presence online and help you gain Instagram followers for your business. 

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