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Safety fears as lockdown sees millions delay car servicing

MILLIONS of potentially unsafe cars could be returning to the nation’s roads after one in five drivers delayed servicing their vehicles due to lockdown, research has discovered.

Postponing the vital safety checks, which most manufacturers recommend take place on an annual basis, could affect as many as 7.3 million vehicles, online car marketplace heycar reveals.

It comes as heycar discovered a further one in ten drivers are preparing to delay their vehicle’s next scheduled service.

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Photo by Denys Nevozhai on Unsplash. More people will be travelling by car now that lockdown restrictions are easing.

The recent lifting of the lockdown allows people to meet indoors for the first time this year and is likely to prompt a surge in people taking to the roads to reunite with friends and family.

Dan Powell, Senior Editor at heycar, said: “The prospect of meeting friends and families indoors for the first time this year will see millions of us jumping in our cars to visit our loved ones.

“But our analysis has highlighted a significant concern – that there could be as many as 7.3 million vehicles on the roads that have not had a service in over a year.

“Servicing a vehicle is critical to keeping it running well and reducing the risk of road accidents, and we would urge all drivers to ensure their vehicles are in optimum working order before they hit the roads this summer.

“And for those who are planning to buy in the coming months – by being able to provide full service and MOT histories alongside warranties the nation’s dealerships can offer welcome reassurance to customers that their new purchase can be trusted.” 

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Photo by Benjamin Brunner on Unsplash. Many people are not getting heir cars services as often as they should be.

The heycar study also discovered that despite 95% of motorists being aware of the government’s six-month MOT extension, just one in five used it.

For those who delayed their car’s service over the past twelve months, almost half blamed lack of use as the primary factor while 13% said it was as a result of having to shield.

Heycar also quizzed motorists on how often they carried out inspections on the car’s oil levels and tyre condition.

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Photo by Robert Laursoo on Unsplash. Over half said they carried out inspections on the car’s oil levels and tyre condition once a month.

One in five said they checked their tyres once a week, while 2.5% say they never did it.

A similar one in five said they inspected oil levels every three months, with one in ten revealing they never checked them.

For car servicing tips, visit heycar.

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