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The Dining Room Table – What is it Really For?

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How we use our tradition and expandable dining tables over the years has changed, but over the last two years, dining all together at the table is trending once again.

The significance of the dining room table has taken many forms over the last few centuries. It’s gone from the only place in the house o eat, to the preferred place, to the back seat, and now, in a post-pandemic world, as we are all ready to finally have guests over, the dining room is making a comeback.

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What does the dining room table mean to you?

Of course for many people, the dining room has remained the main room of choice for breakfast lunch, and dinners. But for many others, eating in the dining room has just been too much of an inconvenience. Eating at the kitchen island or even on the couch for many people was the norm of the last decade.

But times are changing. And maybe, finally, things are changing for the better. As the world starts to settle down after a chaotic and historic year of lockdowns and quarantines, the idea of fully appreciating each other’s company has resurfaced. Dinners all together, at least for the time being, don’t seem like such a nuisance or a task that needs to be completed. Nowadays, they feel more like an event to cherish and never take for granted again.

The dining room has once again, returned to its place as the number one room for sharing meals together. But food and dining, as many of us know, isn’t the only activity that takes place in the dining room. For many people, the dining room table has been a desk for long nights of finishing homework, a sturdy surface for rolling out sugar cookies during the holidays, and even, dare I say, the location of many intense games of beer pong. Don’t tell mom.

 But with all jokes aside, the dining room table is not just a table. It offers structure when we need some support and a place for gathering when we want to be reunited again with the loved ones in our life.

Why extendable dining tables are a great buy 

Not everyone has enough space in their dining room, for a large, 8 to 10 person dining table. But that doesn’t mean that those same people won’t ever need to host dinner parties of 8 plus people.

Extendable dining tables are great for those that lack the space on a day-to-day basis, but still need the availability to host many people at once. Today you can find great quality, handmade and customizable dining tables for a surprisingly low price.

A note on home decor – the importance of what you place on your expandable dining table

Depending on how you plan to be using the dining room table, the decor of the dining room should change. For occasions where you plan to put your extendable dining table to use and invite more guests over than usual, you’ll want to spice things up a bit. Centerpieces are easy to add and can make a world of a difference when it comes to livening up a living space.

In the winter, a few candles and some foliage can turn a dining room into a cozy and comfortable escape from the winter’s cold. And in summer, adding some fresh flowers can create a refreshing breath of fresh air, that will have your guests cool and ready to enjoy a delicious meal.

Other nights, when you’ve returned your expandable dining table to its smaller state, keeping things simple and functional is the way to go. A simple vase or even just a cloth centerpiece can be more than enough, to let your table’s natural beauty shine through.

Final thoughts

The significance of the dining room table will be different for everyone. But one thing we can all appreciate is the symbolic significance that the dining room table holds. Ordinary and expandable dining tables alike are more often than not, made of high quality, time resistant materials, such as wood, iron, and glass.

Maybe they’ve been in a family’s possession for years, or maybe it’s just recently purchased in a brand new home. No matter how old it is or how expensive it is, the dining room table holds value. How much value will vary from person to person. But these days, it’s apparent just how valuable the dining room table really is, and just how fortunate we are when we can put it to good use.

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