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Top StoriesThat's nuts! Scot captures hilarious photo of squirrel in Mr Universe pose

That’s nuts! Scot captures hilarious photo of squirrel in Mr Universe pose

A SCOT was left in stitches after spotting a hench squirrel giving his best Mr Universe-style pose outside his window.

David Roberts was surprised when he spotted the photogenic grey squirrel posing away on his window sill in Glasgow on Friday.

The 65-year-old managed to quickly grab his camera phone and capture the proud animal as he held his position to give his best bodybuilding style pose.

The ripped squirrel shows humans how to do it. Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

A hilarious image shows the squirrel twisting around to look right down the lens of the camera.

His little brown claws appear to be tense and almost touching below his puffed out chest.

And his legs have remained positioned forward while his upper body has turned around to face David – reminiscent of a pose held by Mr Universe contestants.

David posted the hilarious image onto Facebook on Friday where the muscular squirrel, dubbed Arnold Squirrelzenegger, has become an instant hit.

The Facebook post drew plenty of positive comments - Scottish News
The post received over five thousand likes.                                                                                       Credit: David Roberts

Amateur photographer David wrote: “Wee fella just back from the gym, thought he would stop by and show me his Mr Universe pose.”

The post has gained over 6,500 likes and hundreds of comments from humoured viewers.

Debz Crawford said: “Arnold Squirrellzenegger.”

Shonnie Potts wrote: “Squirrly McTuffins.”

Janet Collier said: “This is hilarious. He DOES have the pose!”

Patti Roberts Bosley added: “So cute. What a great picture.”

And Colin Smith commented: “That’s nuts.”

Speaking today, David said: “The squirrel has been up a few times.

“This was the first time that it had stayed around and kept looking in.

 “Usually, the squirrel just does normal poses and I’ve never caught it looking that way before.

“I was overwhelmed with how many people actually look at the picture online.”

The Universe Championships is held every year for bodybuilders to showcase themselves and their physique.

It became the Universe Championships in 1968 to include female bodybuilders after formerly being known as Mr Universe.

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