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EntertainmentNewsCarer wanted elderly resident to "f***ing die"

Carer wanted elderly resident to “f***ing die”

A SCOTS carer has been struck off after saying she “wished” an elderly resident “would f***ing die”.Kimberley Liddell was removed from the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) register two weeks ago after a string of incidents at Nazareth House care home in Bonnyrigg, Midlothian.In September 2018, Liddell stated that she wished a resident “would f***ing die” whilst in the presence of another resident.She also told another resident: “Oi, stop scratching you f***ing b***h”.Other cases of abuse involved Liddell calling residents in her care “stinking” on two occasions and telling one resident to “get off my f***ing uniform.”There was also a case of physical malpractice, in which she roughly grabbed and rolled one of the elderly residents towards her.

Nazareth House in Midlothian
The carer was struck off for wishing a patient would die.

The SSSC issued Liddell with a removal order last month stating that her behaviour was “fundamentally incompatible” with the profession.The SSSC stated in their report: “Social service workers are expected to treat people who use services with respect, and to protect them from harm.“Stating that you wish that a resident would die in the presence of another resident, and making derogatory comments to residents amounts to verbal abuse and would demonstrate a failure to treat those service users with dignity and respect.“The service users involved were living with dementia, making them particularly vulnerable.“Such behaviour would have caused, or been likely to cause, distress to those service users.“Grabbing a service user and roughly rolling them towards you could have caused physical harm to that service user.”The report stated that Liddell denied a number of allegations.On making their decision to remove her from the register, the SSSC said: “Your behaviour is at the higher end of seriousness.“Verbally abusing service users is behaviour incompatible with continued registration.“Your behaviour is attitudinal in nature, and may be indicative of a loss of control, and as such there is a higher risk of repetition.“You have denied a number of the allegations and as such we are unable to take any comfort that you will not behave in a similar manner again in future.“The SSSC considers a removal order the most appropriate sanction as it is both necessary and justified in the public interest and to maintain the continuing trust and confidence in the social service profession and the SSSC.”

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