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Top 10 Fashion Tech Magazines To Follow

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The bare-bones definition of fashion technology is simple: fashion technology refers to the technology used to infuse with tech, promote, or market fashion products.

While fashion and technology are two different industries, there’s a symbiotic relationship between them, each improving the other one to create something bigger and better than what they could do on their own.

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The best way to explore the fashion tech symbiosis is through dedicated fashion tech magazines and blogs.

In this article, we’ll dive headfirst into all things fashion tech and explore the 10 best fashion tech magazines to follow right now if you want to be up to date in fashion innovation.

  1. WTVOX

Founded in 2014 in Oxford, the UK, by Laurenti Arnault and Ru Amiri, PhDs in Fashion and Consumer Behaviour and frequent guests at International Fashion Innovation events, WTVOX is the best source for anything tech and innovation in the fashion industry.

Founded in 2014 in Oxford, the UK, by Laurenti Arnault and Ru Amiri, PhDs in Fashion and Consumer Behaviour and frequent guests at International Fashion Innovation events, WTVOX is the best source for anything tech and innovation in the fashion industry.

WTVOX is owned by LARA Media Group, a British media company that operates a global network of digital publishers in over 53 countries, such as The VOU, Wearable Technology, Machine Learning Magazine, Artificial Intelligence News, Horoscope Today, Hairstyle Magazine, and Home of Jewelleries, to name a few.

WTVOX is catering to readers interested in adopting emerging technology in fashion, such as wearable technology, 3D printing, robotics, implantable, AI, and augmented and mixed reality.

With a clean writing style and well-researched articles cited by academia, WTVOX has become an authority in fashion innovation and is used as a reference by industry experts, including Klaus Schwab, the Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, in his “The Fourth Industrial Revolution” book.

Being all about connecting with the consumers, this blog will give you insight into trends in consumer behavior, thinking, and emotion.

The effects of the global pandemic and how brands have utilized technology to connect with their customers are current topics on their blog, which incorporates their goals of predicting trends in fashion together with increased fashion tech growth.

An excellent fashion tech magazine to discover emerging designers and their unique creations.

As a staple within the fashion industry, WWD magazine is a given for anyone wishing to stay on top of the latest fashion tech news.

Documenting all the latest trends in both men’s and women’s fashion & beauty, reading their blog will show you that people call it “the bible of fashion” for a reason.

A great source of innovative technologies ready for fashion designers, WWD is a fashion tech you can’t miss.

With a particular focus on portable fashion tech devices and how they relate to wearable fashion, this fashion tech blog is excellent if you’re interested in how consumers wear technology.

We’ve come a long way since the days of simple fitness trackers, and Wareable shows us just how many innovative fashion brands and retailers are capitalizing on the growing popularity of wearable fashion.

If you’re a gadget lover who aims to always stay up-to-date on the latest fitness trackers, then Wareable is one of the must-read fashion tech blogs.

With a great focus on the visual, Wide Eyes aims to integrate online commerce with technology that allows consumers to express higher engagement with content and products.

Their blog discusses the digital transformation of online shopping and how even brick and mortar stores see increasingly digitized aspects to retain customers and enhance the shopping experience for consumers.

With many areas experiencing lockdowns, the blog is an excellent insight into evolving digital changes within shopping, both online and in physical stores, an intriguing subject to divulge as the pandemic continues to affect the fashion industry.

A product owned by Digiday Media, Glossy magazine focuses on the growth of digital expansion within the fashion and beauty industry.

Combining details of digital evolution with hot topic conversations within fashion and beauty, the blog makes for an excellent read for anyone interested in the subject of fashion tech in an increasingly digitized age.

  • Tech Loves Style

??For a more personal take on fashion tech, I recommend checking out Tech Loves Style. 

Knowing that digital transformation is one of the fastest-growing fashion topics to blog about, what started as a school project for editor Yarina Yao has since become one of the best tech blogs to follow. 

Consistently delivering the top news in fashion and technology, it’s clear that each piece that goes up on Tech Loves Style aims to educate and inform readers on how these two industries continue to grow together.

With input from plenty of experts and leading industry insiders, Tech Loves Style is the ultimate resource for those interested in fashion tech.

How can we talk about the latest trends and innovations in the fashion industry without mentioning the Business of Fashion?

Because the fashion tech is growing fast, BOF has created an entire section on their website dedicated to fashion tech, aiming to become the leading resource for all things related to the fashion industry and business.

As leaders in all things related to fashion and business, you can always trust the information coming out of BOF.

The Luxor & Finch blog expands on the company’s analysis of sustainability paired with fashion tech and humanity.

Their blog currently highlights discuss issues faced by fashion retailers and the technical aspects of fit strategy and how this can impact brands.

Interesting topics for those who wish to expand their perception of opportunities that can be found within the field of fit strategy and fashion tech.

Alley Girl is a New York-based fashion and lifestyle blog where readers can find fashion/style tips and New York lifestyle. 

From fashion to technology, travel to the New York lifestyle, readers can find something they inspire and dream for. 

Alley Girl’s fashion tech articles have been featured in publications like Elle USA (both print and online), Foot Wear News, and The Nordstrom Blog.

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