Saturday, August 13, 2022
BusinessBoston-based ‘boot camp’ launching for Scottish businesses looking to expand

Boston-based ‘boot camp’ launching for Scottish businesses looking to expand

A BOSTON-based ‘boot camp’ is being launched with the aims of helping Scottish businesses expand.

Business advisers Fortro of Edinburgh and Sloan Growth Strategies of Boston, USA, are teaming up to launch the ‘boot camp’ to get Scottish businesses ready for the U.S. market.

The programme, called New England Unlocked, is developed to meet demand, as the organisers say many mid-sized Scottish businesses are eager to expand overseas but struggle for support.

New England Unlocked will aim to tailor to individual companies, giving them insights into their sectors along with strategic analysis and practical guidance on the most direct route to market.

Alice Sloan Fortro CEO
Aileen Boyle, CEO of Fortro, is one of the key minds behind the ‘boot camp’. (C) Hot Tin Roof

Organisers say it will help key executives develop tactical plans and establish a “beachhead” in Boston, from where they can explore further expansion into other states.

Sean McGrath, CEO of Entrepreneurial Scotland said: “This programme is responding to the post-pandemic desire to continue the great legacy of Scottish entrepreneurship on an international level.”

The nine-month programme is a result of a collaboration between Aileen Boyle, CEO and founder of Fortro and Alice Sloan of Growth Strategies.

The project will initially be delivered in Edinburgh and is aimed at companies ready to expand internationally.

Business leaders who participate receive an initial diagnostic assessment to validate their company’s readiness to expand, a tactical plan and support to develop a hub in New England.

Aileen Boyle, Founder CEO of Fortro said:  “Scottish executives are eager to kickstart growth internationally.

“As we emerge from the pandemic, many companies have transformed their approach and want to create sustainable outcomes.

“Now is the time for distinctive companies who have a global mindset and bold ideas to move forward with their plans.”

Alice Sloan of Sloan Growth Strategies said:  “The U.S. loves the Scots and their innovative mindset.

“Like many ex-pats, I am proud of my Scottish heritage and having lived in Boston for almost 25 years I believe the time is right to execute on international expansion goals.”

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