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Scots council launch manhunt to find vandals who went on rampage around area ripping off signs

A SCOTS council has launched a manhunt for vandals who went on a rampage around the area and ripped off road signs.

Highland locals called in police after discovering that several signs for areas around the Isle of Skye had been ripped from their posts and stolen over the last two weeks.

Several signs were taken but later found dumped miles from where they belonged.

The signs were found in fields by the road
The signs were found abandoned at the roadside 25 miles away. Credit: Sleat Community Council

An ‘entrance’ sign to Armadale Castle as well as a sign to welcome people to the village of Ardvasar were pulled off.

They were found dumped on a verge beside a road which separates Broadford from Elgol – 25 miles away from where they were stuck up.

Signs which have been taken from key places such as a T-junction which has left drivers unsure of the speed limit when pulling out onto the road.

Police today confirmed they were made aware of the incident.

However, community council workers are still looking to find out who was behind the vandalism as they have received more complaints from locals who have lost signs.

It is thought that the signs may have originally been brought down as a keepsake for tourists.

The roadsigns were given back to the council depot
The roadsigns were returned to the council depot. Credit: Sleat Community Council

Posting an appeal on social media for information, Sleat Community Council today said: “Police Scotland and The Highland Council have begun an investigation into the theft of a number of public and private road signs in the Sleat area.

“Late last week three signs from south of the Ord road end, the entrance to Armadale Castle and Ardvasar village were recovered from a verge on the road between Broadford and Elgol.

“Further signs from Duisdale have been found at an undisclosed location and returned with the others to the Council’s depot.

“The CDLT sign was returned by the community council yesterday.

“If you know of anything that relates to these signs you can contact Police Scotland on 101 and ask for PC McFadyean of the Portree police station.

“No reason is known for these acts but please get in touch if you think any signs are missing from where they should be.

“Thank you.”

Social media users questioned the brainless vandals actions too.

Eilidh Mairead Scammell said: “Some people don’t need a reason.”

Sarah McDonald said: “It’s a pity these obviously bored individuals don’t spend their time collecting litter and being a bit more constructive.”

Alison Carter said: “How odd.”

Emily Carys said: “Weird.”

A spokesperson for Police Scotland today said: “We were made aware of signs found in the Sleat area that had been returned to their owners.

“We have not received any reports of missing road signs.

“Advice was given and there is no further police involvement at this time.”

A spokesperson for Sleat Community Council today said: “It is disappointing that the signs are being removed.

“We would ask people to be vigilant and report any thefts to ourselves and Police Scotland.

“The cost to the tax payer to fix these signs will go into the thousands.

“We hope that no more signs will go missing.”

Speaking today, a Highland council spokesman said: “Our local roads team on Skye have reported to the police the theft of a number of road signs which have since been recovered at different locations from where they were stolen.

“We ask anyone with any information about the stolen signs to contact the police.”

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