Tuesday, July 5, 2022


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Business owner and celebrity mechanic Miles Long is launching a new television show with a twist – and it features his two favourite things: beautiful women and fast cars.

Miles Long (@mileslong4real), 53, will be joined by lingerie models while he shows off the extensive body modifications completed on a series of automobiles.

The show, named ‘Modz and Bodz’, will air on the Lingerie Fighting Championships (LFC) Network channel ROKU alongside fellow sports entertainment programmes, ‘Get Wet’ and ‘Strength and Dominance’.

Each episode will involve Miles taking viewers through the installation of various car parks and test driving the finished vehicle, joined by a female guest throughout and culminating in a sexy photoshoot at the end of the episode.

The impressive fleet includes Japanese imports like the Subaru WRX, WRX STi and the Toyota Celica GC, as well as American vehicles including the Cadillac Escalade, and British supercar Noble M400.

The latter is one of only 128 of the model imported into the US and was one of Miles’ personal highlights from the show.

Miles said: “Each of these cars represents something unique as far as builds go.

“I’ve always had a passion for building fast cars and fast motorcycles, and have always thought shows about building cars were neat.

“While they often had a girl in the show, she usually never really worked on the cars with the mechanics and the shows never seemed to be a tutorial or ‘how to’ regarding the work that was being done.”

Miles believes that having “pretty girls” involved will help make the show more fun and enjoyable – but also hopes it will help “empower” women to get stuck in with car projects.

Miles added: “Oftentimes, I find that a lot of times, no one has made an effort to help their women friends understand that basic car repair is not that daunting.

“There have been many times where my female friends have relied on either a male friend or a shop to make their basic repairs.

“I thought if we did a project together and made it fun, that it would not only make the project go by faster, but also encourage them to tackle some of these projects themselves in the future, because they would see that the repair itself was not that hard.”

LFC’s CEO Shaun Donnelly said: “Everyone who knows Miles knows his love of beautiful women is matched only by his love of fast cars so I can’t think of anyone better suited to create a show that combines the two.”

Lingerie Fighting Championships Inc. is a sports entertainment company focused on producing unique mixed events for live audiences and television viewers featuring attractive & athletic female fighters.

For more information please visit www.lingeriefc.com.

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