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“That is that guy’s livelihood!” – Raging Celtic fan filmed booting busker’s speaker because he played a Ranger’s song

SHOCKING footage shows the moment a raging Celtic fan boots a busker’s speaker while he’s playing a Ranger’s song.

The footie fan, who appears to be intoxicated, was filmed running up and kicking the sound system on Buchanan Street in Glasgow on Saturday night.

Video shows the busker playing Tina Turner’s Simply the Best, an anthem known for being belted out by Rangers fans, while two revellers sing along beside him.

The man and woman are shown embracing as they happily sing along together on a microphone.

As the busker appears to take a back seat while the pair continue, a man in a Celtic strip appears and looks less than impressed.

The busker quickly takes his phone off the top of a speaker as the thug approaches and boots it, stopping the music from playing.

The female karaoke-singer then shouts: “What the f*** man?”

As many cheers can be heard from passing by Celtic fans, the upset woman throws a plastic cup at the man’s head.

He then shouts, “You f*****g bint”.

This causes the woman to approach the guy, saying: “That is that guy’s livelihood.”

Mockingly, the football fan says: “Livelihood?”

A couple were singing along to Simply the Best on Buchanan Street
A couple were singing along to Simply the Best on Buchanan Street.

Before the blonde woman replies: “Livelihood, aye.

“You’re a f*****g rat.

F****g snake, f*** off.”

The brute then gestures two middle fingers at her before being pulled away by another Celtic fan.

The clip was shared on Twitter yesterday where it has received over 110,000 views.

The thug kicked the speaker, stopping the music
The thug kicked the speaker, stopping the music.

Hundreds of viewers have commented on the clip, with many condemning the Celtic fan’s behaviour.

One said: “The guy shouldn’t have played it, and the boy shouldn’t have kicked it.

“Really not a good scene at all.”

Another wrote: “He was triggered by a lassie singing Tina Turner.”

A third commented: “That is s**t by the way.”

The woman was furious with the angered Celtic fan
The woman was furious with the angered Celtic fan.

A fourth added: “I’m sorry, that’s just wrong.”

Tens of thousands of Celtic fans filled the streets surrounding Glasgow Cross on Saturday to celebrate the team reclaiming the Scottish league title from Rangers.

Celebrations featured smoke bombs, flares and streets strewn with rubbish.

Six arrests were made but there were no serious incidents or disorder.

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