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Scots cat that went missing nine months ago returns back home “in a chubbier state” – after being found just four miles away

A SCOTS CAT that went missing over nine months ago has returned back home “in a chubbier state” – after being found just four miles away.

Sarah Verclytte had been searching for Scotty since he went missing from their home in Leith, Edinburgh, in August last year.

The 23-year-old owner was shocked after being contacted by locals on Tuesday to say they finally found the European shorthair at a nearby caravan site.

Sarah with her cat Scotty
Sarah had given up hope of seeing Scotty again until this week. Credit: Sarah Verclytte

Before this, the language translator, originally from France, had been issuing monthly appeals online asking for people to keep an eye out for the three-year-old moggy.

Sarah had been worried that Scotty got spooked and would be hiding away from human contact somewhere as he was shy.

She was delighted to find out that for months her feline friend had been too busy mingling with visitors at the Edinburgh Caravan and Motorhome Club Campsite.

The friendly cat had also clearly been getting fed well as he returned back home looking slightly more rotund than last year.

Sarah and her cat
Sarah’s cat Scotty was chipped and returned this week. Credit: Sarah Verclytte

Speaking today Sarah said: “It is a miracle, we had completely lost hope and I thought someone had taken him in thinking he was a stray.

“I was thinking the worst that maybe he had died, it was stressful as he had been gone for so many months.

“Now he is very happy, he is a little bit more chubby than he was but that is because the people at the caravan club have taken such good care of him.

“He does not look like a stray and I am glad he found these people as they have looked after him.

“Scotty has enjoyed coming home and is sleeping a lot but not before he had a tin of tuna, I still had all of his cans of food from when he went missing.

“I just can’t repeat enough how grateful I am.

“I was in touch with so many people and the people at the caravans have been the best people, I was thinking the worst after nine months but I have my Scotty back.”

Sarah was contacted this week after locals recognised Scotty on a post by Danielle Ludlow who was at the camp site – just two streets away from home.

She wrote: “Found girl cat. We are located at the Edinburgh caravan and motorhome club in Marine Drive.

“He has been hanging around the site since January/February, we thought she lived nearby but she is here all the time now.

“Is anyone missing this lovely cat, he deserves to be reunited or rehomed as he is a very loving beautiful cat.

“Please message if you recognise him.”

A local, Erika Vives, posted shortly afterwards: “If any of you remember a post from last year about a missing cat Scotty, there are suspicions that he may have been found (in a chubbier state).

“Does anyone have this person’s contact details?”

Scotty’s chip was checked which confirmed he was Sarah’s lost pet.

A cat or dog goes missing every minute in the United Kingdom with a quarter never being returned to their owners, according to data.

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