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Lisa Vrancken Inspires Female Entrepreneurs To Define Success On Their Own Terms In New Collaborative Book

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“BE… From Passion and Purpose to Product and Prosperity,” a collaboration between Lisa Vrancken, Ashley Black, and Korie Minkus, is a celebration of female entrepreneurship. Throughout the book, Lisa Vrancken empowers readers to uncover the passion and purpose within – in pursuit of their own vision of success and prosperity.

There are more than 400 million game changing women around the world launching their own businesses.  While there’s still more challenges facing female entrepreneurs than men, progress is being made to knock down barriers and overcome hurdles. Now is the time to expand the playbook for women in business and receive the encouragement to try new things, break patterns and stereotypes, shift mindsets, and take charge of your destiny.

Enter Lisa Vrancken – the award winning TV producer, #1 bestselling author, public speaker, media expert, mentor and global brand strategist – has the book that offers just that. BE… From Passion and Purpose to Product and Prosperity is a collaboration between Vrancken, Ashley Black, and Korie Minkus thatencourages a holistic approach to entrepreneurship, and one that invites the reader to unearth her passion and purpose, as well as create her own vision of success and prosperity.

BE… is a treasure chest of sage advice: a mixing pot of the wisdom shared between Vrancken, Ashley Black – the award winning inventor and entrepreneur behind FasciaBlaster – and Korie Minkus – the brand-bolstering CEO of Rock Your Product.

In Vrancken’s words, “BE… is a resource unlike any other. There’s power in these pages, as there is in every woman. Using the power of self-development, we embark on a process of exploration to help entrepreneurs become more discerning in business decisions. Ours is a holistic approach to strengthening all corners of the mind with the necessary qualities of resilience. It’s full of hacks and strategies to help female entrepreneurs push barriers and navigate the entrepreneurial journey.” Vranken’s wisdom is born out of experience – she’s an example of a successful businesswoman who overcame hardships and learned how to live her best life.

Today, Vrancken is a globally sought-after branding strategist and consultant mentoring thousands on their entrepreneurial journeys. With a background in law and civil rights advocacy, her mission is to mentor women from all walks of life to stand in their power, while providing them with the tools and frameworks to communicate their truths through the art of visual storytelling. As the Executive Vice President of Fortune Media Group, Inc, she spearheads programming for Shark Discoveries and with prominent host Kevin Harrington – the original Shark from the Emmy award-winning entrepreneurial-themed reality TV show, Shark Tank.

Vrancken’s experience feeds the soul of this meaningful book. The wisdom of Vrancken’s journey blends seamlessly with that of Black’s and Minkus,’ thanks to the deep friendship, understanding, and values these women share. As Vrancken will tell you, “Our book is packed with insights and different perspectives inspiring female entrepreneurs to live life on their own terms and create the prosperous business of their dreams. All women deserve the opportunity to pursue their purpose, find creative solutions to everyday business problems, build a kickass business, and define success and prosperity as they envision.”

Vrancken’s definition of success: “On your own journey of discovery, touch as many souls, uplift as many lives, and make a positive impact on as many people as possible.”

Vrancken – a lifelong learner believes you need to give yourself permission to speak your truths, be vulnerable and remember to give yourself grace as you embark on the entrepreneurial journey. She adds her knowledge and personality to that of Black and Minkus. BE… is a book that Vrancken describes as “light, fun, and interactive.” It’s the unpacking of the science and spirituality behind entrepreneurship with a deep exploration of the Divine Feminine beautifully woven by mirthful prose that invites readers into Vrancken, Black, and Minkus’ dynamic conversations.

When asked what comes next? Vrancken speaks of her brand consulting agency BE…Creative LLC and the entrepreneurial masterminds and retreats being planned in Costa Rica as a part of the collaborative offerings with her co-authors. They will also continue to host remarkable female entrepreneurs weekly on their private online Facebook community for women called The Writing of the Book (WoTB). This platform encourages candid conversations about the many facets of being an entrepreneur. Vrancken proudly shares, “The BE…Movement is alive and growing.”

BE… From Passion and Purpose to Product and Prosperity is available for preorder now and launches on June 28th. Entrepreneurs will find great impact in this jewel of a book – a renaissance of the Divine Feminine discovered during the journey of Vrancken and her collaborators.

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