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Video shows sneaky holidaymaker using wheelchair and pretending to be injured so he could skip queues at airport

A SNEAKY holidaymaker skipped more than two hours worth of queues at a Turkish airport by pretending he was injured and needed a wheelchair.

Wolf Jenkins pretended he had sprained his ankle at Milas-Bodrum Airport two weeks ago by limping and walking around with his sock and shoe off.

The 28-year-old student came up with the plan after worrying that he would miss his flight after spotting huge queues.

When airport staff asked Wolf if he had a fit to fly form he told them he had only hurt his ankle on route to the airport and that he could walk if necessary.

However helpful flight attendants told him not to worry and pushed him around the airport in a wheelchair before taking him to his seat on the plane.

While he was aboard he and his friend were then given rows to themselves so Wolf could stretch his leg out.

He filmed his antics from taking his shoe and sock off at the start of the journey to arriving back in the UK and jumping off from a wheelchair.

The clip shows Wolf sporting a cheeky grin as airport workers pushed him past the extensive queues, helping him reach his flight in plenty of time.

Finally Wolf can be seen being wheeled along the connecting tunnel and onto the plane before sprawling out over three seats.

After landing Wolf came out of the wheelchair and smiled as he walked away from the airport and headed back home.

Man standing up from wheelchair and walking.
Wolf was able to stand and walk away from the airport once his plane touched down.

Wolf shared the video to TikTok last week writing: “Amazing what taking one sock off can achieve.”

The video has now collected over 1million views and more than 99,000 likes.

Hundreds of people commented on the clip which received a mixed reaction.

One said: “Get your money’s worth lad!”

Another wrote: “Definitely using this trick.”

A third commented: “Work smart not hard.”

Whilst some users criticised the trick.

One mum said: “Imagine pretending to need a wheelchair.

“My son actually needs a wheelchair and it’s not something anybody should be pretending about.”

Another added: “For everyone saying it’s good I’m a wheelchair user and it’s humiliating being pushed up the aisle of a plane when people are seated.

“Even though I see the funny side.”

Speaking today, Wolf said: “I flew from Bodrum to Bristol at midnight. When we arrived at the airport the queue was out of the door and we knew we would have missed our flight.

“I’d say around a two hour wait to get through security and check in at least. The queue outside of the airport it was insane, I didn’t expect it at all.

“I saw people in wheelchairs being pushed through so my friend waited in the queue and I went outside and took off my shoe and sock.

Legs stretched out against seats, one wearing a sock and the other without.
Wolf was even given extra space to stretch his legs after boarding.

“I then limped back towards the door and a member of staff asked me if I needed assistance so I said I had twisted my ankle at the hotel just before getting into my taxi.

“I was then ushered through security and to check in immediately and they asked me if I had a fit to fly form but I said I have only just done it and that I could walk if necessary.

“But they said not to worry about it and let me through.

“We were originally in separate parts of the plane but they gave us a whole row of six seats to sit with each other and the staff were the same as who had been on the flight out there so they remembered us and were extremely friendly.

“It was all just a way to get through and make sure we didn’t miss our flight.”

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