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UncategorizedAdil C and Trinity Rose Reach Millions with their Pop-Hit I Promise

Adil C and Trinity Rose Reach Millions with their Pop-Hit I Promise

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The two stars Adil C and Trinity Rose have done it, yet AGAIN. They never miss a beat when it comes to releasing quality music for their fans. On February 22nd 2022 the two Canadian/American talents released ‘I Promise’ which has now reached over millions of people.

Adil C is a Canadian pop singer who was born on April 7th 1997 in Montréal, Quebec. He travelled to Malibu, California back in December, 2019 where he met Trinity Rose, and that is where the story of ‘I Promise’ began.

Trinity Rose is an award-winning singer/songwriter from Los Angeles, California. However, she also is Canadian due to her parents being born in Canada. In 2021, Trinity Rose received the coveted Golden Ticket from ABC’s American Idol out of the 100,000+ artists who auditioned for it. Trinity has reached well over millions of people with her music, as well as her sky rocketed single with Aidan Gallagher, ‘Miss You’. And now, ‘I Promise’.

Their song ‘I Promise’ was a demo written by Adil C a few years back. Adil was walking around the food court at a mall in Mississauga called Erin Mills Town Centre, humming a few catchy hooks until he stumbled upon creating the chorus for ‘I Promise’.

“I could never leave, never dirt, never shake your heart. I promise, I promise.”

It sounded great. However, once Adil C took the song into the studio, it wasn’t sounding the same way he entailed it to. So, he shelved it.

In 2019, he met Trinity and loved her vocals when he heard them so he asked her to send a few vocal recordings his way. Once he got the vocal recordings back, he heard something different for ‘I Promise’. He re-opened the demo version of ‘I Promise’ and heard a brand-new vision for recording it. Re-recording the song with Trinity’s vocals on it, gave the song it’s special touch that it was missing. That re-recording is now the official version of ‘I Promise’ that was released on February 22nd 2022.

Adil C and Trinity Rose had ‘I Promise’ become a hit due to their fans making videos to their song on TikTok, fans rewatching their duet music video on YouTube, and having it streamed over and over again by the public. Between all platforms Spotify, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Radio, etc., the song has now surpassed over a million in total streams.

We wonder what they will be up to next. Could it be remixes, an acoustic version, merch, shows, tours? ‘Til then, we’ll be streaming ‘I Promise’.

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