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6 Times When Bouquet of Flowers are the Best Gift

TitleTop Occasions For Bouquet of Flowers
DescriptionFlowers are the perfect gift for any occasion. Find out on what occasions it is worth choosing beautiful bouquets for your family and friends.

To please your relatives and friends, you do not need to look for special gift occasions. You can give flowers to loved ones even every day, using My Flowers delivery service. But there are certain occasions when flowers will be the best present or the perfect addition to the main surprise. Find out what are customary occasions for flowers in our article.

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Flowers for Birthday

Choosing a suitable type of flowers for bouquet is an individual matter. You need to rely on your taste, on the preferences of the person, as well as on financial capabilities. The most optimal win-win option is a composition of roses. If you still have not decided which flowers to give for your friend’s or relative’s birthday, or if the person prefers roses, feel free to choose them. However, any shade has a hidden meaning:

  • White buds symbolise purity and innocence. Given to a girl, such a bouquet will tell about your warm feelings and care.
  • The symbolism of red roses is known to everyone. It is passion and desire.
  • Burgundy roses are given to ladies at a respectable age to show your appreciation.
  • Pink roses mean sentimentality, hope, and dreams.
  • Orange and yellow roses signify joy and optimism. As a rule, such bouquets are given to bright and cheerful personalities.

First Date

A bouquet helps a man express his intentions and feelings. Florists suggest bouquet of flowers image of which speak of fidelity, devotion, and love. One of the most important events in the life of every person is the first date. An opinion about a potential partner is formed on it and sympathy is born.

What flowers to give on a first date? The bouquet in this case is an indicator of generosity, gallantry, and sympathy. It will help the man tell the woman that he wants to please her. Choose a composition taking into account the symbolism.

When young people do not know each other well, and a date is the first step towards the beginning of a relationship, chrysanthemums are appropriate. They are a wish for a good mood. Lily is a symbol of emerging passion and admiration. Irises symbolise trust and hope and express admiration. Daisies and tulips are symbols of lightness, innocence, and fun.

Bouquet for the Wedding

A wedding without flowers is simply unthinkable. All guests, parents, and witnesses congratulate newlyweds, accompanying warm words with gifts and bouquets. To buy flowers in London for a wedding is not just a tradition but additional pleasant emotions.

The compositions themselves, including certain flowers, emphasise the significance of the spoken words. Each flower carries a certain meaning.

Roses are a classic choice. They mean love and the beauty of relationships. From the guests, the most acceptable option would be white, pink, cream, and other pastel shades that represent tenderness, romance, and purity.

Peonies are one of the most versatile options. These delicate flowers, unlike roses, do not have thorns but look very elegant and sophisticated. Lilies of the valley, violets, snowdrops, or lilacs will emphasise the fidelity, sincerity, kindness, purity, and innocence of the bride.

Bouquet for Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day, you need to surround Mommy with care and attention. She should feel like a real queen. Therefore, you should definitely present her with a beautiful bouquet.

Give your mom pink roses for Mother’s Day. In the language of flowers, they mean gratitude and appreciation. If the gift seems too banal, choose milky or creamy buds. In some countries, the official flowers for Mother’s Day are carnations.

Valentine’s Day

Giving a bouquet to your beloved on Valentine’s Day is a beautiful centuries-old tradition that came from Italy. On the eve of the holiday in any flower shop, you can meet men confused by a large assortment.

Notice that the richer the shade of the buds, the brighter the feelings they symbolise. To express passion, choose red roses. To show tenderness buy pink or white flowers.

If you have planned to spend the day away from home, give your loved one a small bouquet of tulips. Luxurious compositions of 51 or 101 roses are best delivered to your sweetheart’s home by courier.

In ancient times, orchids were considered a means for love spells. Women wore their buds as a talisman of love. Today, this exotic plant also occupies a leading position among the flowers on February 14th.

March 8

March 8 is the first spring holiday that brings joy, the sun, the awakening of nature, and beauty. An exquisite bouquet gives a man a chance to show love, respect, and care.

While red roses show intense passion, yellow ones express happiness and loyalty to friends. Daffodils tell about the beginning of spring and mean success and wealth. The lilies represent love, friendship, joy, and a happy and faithful union between people.

Flowers are a wonderful gift for any occasion and even without a reason. Contact the My Flowers specialists who will help you choose the most beautiful bouquets of flowers to please your loved ones.

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