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Scots woman left battered and bruised after claiming former neighbours attacked her and stole her dog in “sick” ordeal

A SCOTS woman has claimed that she was assaulted by her former neighbours in a “sick” ordeal that saw her dog being stolen and her being rushed to A&E.

Penny Sivewright was at home on Sunday when she says he received a knock at her front door from the “alcoholic” family of former neighbour, who had been evicted after the death of their mother.

Penny Sivewright with dogs Mabel and Barney.
Penny Sivewright with dogs Mabel and Barney. (C) Penny Sivewright.

The 50-year-old claims that – despite believing they were on good terms – the two family members barged their way into her home, where the female family member proceeded to viciously attack her.

Penny, from Dundee, alleges that the culprits then stole her one-year-old pooch Barney before fleeing the scene, leaving Penny to be rushed to hospital to be treated for her injuries.

The PDSA worker claims that the family were visiting another neighbour prior to the incident who she says was “clearly in on this whole charade” after her screams for help went unanswered.

Penny claims that papillon pup Barney was then swiped from the home, and the two assailants fled with another family member who had allegedly been blocking the exit of her building.

Thankfully, Penny’s beloved pooch was returned to her on Monday afternoon, after a passerby spotted Barney running around alone.

Penny has since claimed that the police have not been in touch since the attack despite being told that a forensic team would be coming round the on the Monday morning.

In addition to this, she alleges that Dundee City Council has taken no action following her horrifying experience.

Shocking images taken after she was discharged from hospital show a wounded Penny with a swollen cheek surrounded by purple bruising.

Bruising can also be seen circling Penny’s right eye, while a red cut can be seen at the corner of her mouth.

Penny took to social media on Monday, writing: “It is now after 10pm on Monday evening and the police have not been in touch since the event, despite being told forensics would be coming first thing to take print and photos.

“So, if anyone has any information about any of these scumbags please get in touch.”

The post received 210 likes and dozens of comments as many were quick to share their support for Penny.

Pamela Taylor wrote: “Penny is a very good friend of mine and I bred Barney and Mabel.

“I was one of the first by her side. Penny has had to put up with hell and the council and police have treated her terribly.

Penny's injuries.
Pictured: Penny’s injuries. (C) Penny Sivewright.

“I hope […] the people who did this rot.”

Elaine McQueen said: “Oh, Penny. I can’t believe all this has happened to you. I have tears running for you. Huge hugs.”

Melody Danley commented: “Oh my god, Penny. This is terrifying. I hope you are okay.”

Lynn Croal added: “Oh my God, Penny. I’m completely lost for words. So glad you got Barney home. What these individuals have done is beyond sick.

“Hope you have a speedy recovery and that you and your beloved dogs recover from this. If you need anything, give me a shout.”

Speaking to Penny today, she said: “I had trouble with an elderly neighbour’s alcoholic family for years, who finally got evicted after their mother died recently.

“Life has been amazing and peaceful since they all left the street.

“Unfortunately, another neighbour in the block had befriended them when she moved in, so this weekend the whole family were visiting [her], who invited them in, allowing them easy access to come to my front door just after 7pm on Sunday evening.

“When I answered the door [they] pushed the door open and came into my hall where [one member] proceeded to attack me, while [another] stood over, watching and allowing this to happen.

“They then stole Barney, my one-year old papillon – adding to his original stress that he and his sister had to witness their mummy get hurt while she screamed and shouted for help, which was never going to happen as the only other residents in the block were a very elderly and deaf gentleman and their ‘friend’ who was clearly in on this whole charade.

“Later, we found out that there was a third party in on the events, sitting drinking and blocking the exit to the block.

“So, yes. Three against one. A neighbour from down the road, shortly after, witnessed [them] sitting with Barney out in the street. When he returned to them with the police they were gone.

“I was taken to A&E by the police where X-rays were taken but was unsure if my cheek bone was actually broken due to extreme swelling.

“So, after a very worrying 19 hours wondering what they did with Barney, you can only imagine what was going through my mind.

Penny's swollen cheek.
Pictured: Penny’s swollen cheek. (C) Penny Sivewright.

“Thankfully, we got the phone call around 2pm on Monday afternoon that Barney was running free and not far from home. He was safe and well.”

She added: “The police have not been in touch since the event, despite being told forensics would be coming first thing to take print and photos.

“I’m getting nowhere with Dundee City Council’s anti-social department as the girl is on holiday and the housing officer is not interested.

“The last time I saw these individuals was the day their mother died. [They] both apologised for the hell the family had put me through for years, crying and hugging me.

“So, I never thought this would happen and didn’t think twice about opening the door to her saying ‘This has been a long time coming’ before assaulting me.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson today, said: “Around 7:25pm on Sunday, 8 October, 2023, police received a report of the assault of a women and the theft of a dog from a property on Abbotsford Street, Dundee.

“The dog has since been recovered and officers are following positive lines of enquiry.”

Dundee City Council has been approached for comment.

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