Tuesday, January 4, 2022
Lucy getting up after doing The Worm.

Clubber left with $3,000 dentist bill after doing The Worm and cracking her tooth...

A CLUBBER has been left with a $3,000 dentist bill after she tried to do The Worm and cracked her tooth in half -  leaving her needing a crown and root canal.Lucy Mallard was...
The "used sex toy" in the window.

Sales assistant shocked after spotting “used” sex toy in charity shop window

A SALES assistant was shocked after spotting a "used" sex toy displayed in a charity shop window.Ellie Hardie couldn't believe her eyes when she noticed the Lovehoney “G-tickler" on offer for £8.99 at Headway...
The unimpressive attempt at cheesy chips.

“I’d throw up” Football fans horrified over chips and cheese served up at match

FOOTBALL FANS have been left horrified by a non league club’s attempt at cheesy chips.A football fan ordered a portion of chips and cheese at Billingham Town's stadium in Wynard, Stockton-on-Tees, last week but...
Screenshot of motorist hurling abuse at the man.

Motorist launches bizarre rant at man and woman after almost ramming into him

A FOUL-MOUTHED motorist was filmed launching a bizarre rant on a man and woman after almost ramming into him with her car.Alicia Moon captured the footage in a car park in Bampton, Oxfordshire, last...
Spitting Hermes driver

Hermes apologise after driver filmed spitting on customer’s doorstep

HERMES has apologised after their driver was filmed spitting on a customer's doorstep before wiping down remnants on his top with his hand.Hal Bozdogan was disgusted when he spotted the incident on his Ring...
Rupert working at Aldi

Aldi get boy, 5, in for “shift” – and even give him a uniform

AN ALDI store arranged for a five-year-old boy to come in to work - and even gave him his own uniform and badge.Rupert Knight was invited to come and do a bit of work...
The biker falling onto the road

Heart-stopping video shows motorcyclist smacking head off ground avoiding collision with car

A HEART-STOPPING video shows a motorcyclist narrowly avoiding a head-on collision with a car that pulls out from a junction.Motorist Greg Marshall captured the biker hurtling towards his car before falling from the bike...

Amazon driver sacked after being filmed “opening customers packages” in his van

AN AMAZON delivery driver has been sacked after being filmed "opening customers packages" in his van.Shocked customer Caz Brown couldn't believe what she was seeing when she looked outside her window on Wednesday and...
The bathroom, complete with the Trainspotting toilet.

House on sale for bargain £34k – with loo that makes Trainspotting toilet look...

A THREE-bedroom house has gone on the market for £34,000 - but it comes with a loo that is so grotty it makes the infamous Trainspotting toilet look inviting.The property on Frances Road in...
The spiked wing mirror on the decorator's van.

Van owner covers wing mirror in spikes – leaving cyclists shocked

CYCLISTS have been left shocked after a van was spotted with spikes attached to the wing mirror - but the owner insists its for "little b******s" who keep targeting vehicle.A Twitter user, who wishes...
Lara with plaits in her hair.

Single dad masters plaiting daughter’s hair with help from social media

A SINGLE dad has mastered caring for his daughter’s curly hair after reaching out for help from other parents online.Mike Trower was at a loss for how to deal with daughter Lara’s long curls...
Liam mid-fall during his skid on the ice

Heart-stopping video shows plumber’s disastrous attempt to slide across ice

A HEART-STOPPING video shows a plumber's disastrous attempt to slide across a patch of ice - causing him to crack his head off the ground.Jesse Pygott filmed Liam Clarke attempting to slide smoothly across...
Roly's Porkshire Pudding oozes cheese when cut

Foodie leaves viewers salivating after creating “Porkshire Pieding”

A FOODIE has created a mouth-watering pulled pork pie - using a Yorkshire pudding as the base.Roly May has left thousands of social media users salivating after revealing his "Porkshire Pieding" on TikTok on...
Ryan Sherrington mid-video

Aussie branded a “melt” after “mocking” Francis Bourgeois in video

AN AUSTRALIAN has been branded a “melt” after posting a TikTok “mocking” popular trainspotter Francis Bourgeois.Ryan Sherrington shared a clip impersonating Francis while asking a truck driver to honk the horn of his vehicle,...
Shooting stars passing over house.

Dad-of-one captures two shooting stars flying over house on door cam by “pure luck”

A DAD-OF-ONE managed to capture two shooting stars flying over his house and back again by "pure luck" on his Ring doorbell cam.John Murphy was blown away after realising he had accidentally captured the...
Puppy Olly with the tree

Adorable image shows guilty looking pup next to toppled over Christmas tree

AN ADORABLE image shows a guilty-looking Labrador puppy sitting next to a Christmas tree just moments after bringing it down.Owner Chelsea Baker captured the photograph of eleven-week-old Olly sitting beside the chaos he created...
The mouldy Wetherspoon chicken burger

Wetherspoons customer claims she was served “disgusting” chicken burger full of mould

A WETHERSPOONS customer has claimed she was served a "disgusting" chicken burger full of mould.Kyra Myers was fuming after finding what appears to be green mould throughout the chicken breast at The Turls Green...
The man had a bogey hanging from his nose

Ryanair passenger films video of man with huge bogey hanging off his face

A RYANAIR passenger captured a vile video of a man sitting with a long stringy bogey hanging from his nose during a flight.Caoimhe Crawley was horrified after she spotted the thick mucus hanging from...
The branch that Paulette received in the post

Carer orders a “fabulous” 6ft Christmas tree but gets a branch instead

A CARER has claimed she ordered a 6ft Christmas tree online but was sent a "branch" instead.Paulette Alexander paid £30 for the tree from online store, Uakie, after being impressed by a Facebook advert...
Josh Taylor trains with his coach

Line of Duty star Martin Compston watches Josh Taylor train in Las Vegas

LINE of Duty star Martin Compston paid a visit to his friend Josh Taylor’s training session in Las Vegas yesterday.The Scots actor, best known for playing DC Steve Arnott, is a boxing fan and...
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