Tuesday, January 11, 2022
Culloden Academy | Scottish News

Scots school forced to make U-turn on unisex toilets after backlash

A SCOTS school has been forced to make a U-turn on their decision to implement unisex toilets after facing backlash from fuming parents and pupils.Culloden Academy in Inverness today returned back to providing separate...
Alastair Campbell | Politics News UK

Alastair Campbell condemns racist fans after EURO 2020 final

ALASTAIR Campbell has questioned how many people that racially abused English Football players would have supported the Prime Minister's previous controversial comments.Campbell, 64, questioned if those racially abusing members of the England team may...
money - Scottish News

Universal Credit uplift removal described as “the worst possible decision”

A GOVERNMENT Minister has described plans to end the £20-per-week uplift to Universal Credit as “the worst possible decision, at the worst possible time".Social Security Minister Ben Macpherson has urged the UK Government to...
The statue which resembled Hancock's clinch | Politics News UK

“Hancock in brass” Shopper spots sculpture of “Matt Hancock in clinch with aide”

A CHARITY shopper has spotted a brass sculpture that looks like it was based on Matt Hancock's steamy clinch with his aide.Jono Le Blancq was stopped in his tracks when he spotted the uncanny...
Scottish Family Party SNP office edit - Politics News Scotland

Scottish Education Secretary trolled by political party with vulgar images

SCOTTISH Education Secretary Shirley-Anne Somerville has been accused of allowing a “corrupting and misleading sex education" programme.The Scottish Family Party made the accusations while trolling the MSP last week by editing vulgar sexual images...
Chris Mitchell dragging bin upstairs - Scottish News

Video shows Scots sanitation workers drag bins up and down stairs around “300-400” times

A GLASGOW trade union has posted a video showing how sanitation workers are having to drag bins up and down flights of stairs daily.GMB Branch 40 filmed their convener Chris Mitchell dragging a recycling...
Nicola and Gill Sturgeon selfie | Politics News UK

Heartwarming image shows Nicola Sturgeon reunited with sister

A HEARTWARMING image shows First Minister Nicola Sturgeon reunited with her sister after lockdown restrictions were eased at the weekend.Gill Sturgeon posted the photograph on her Facebook page on Sunday captioned "Reunited" alongside love...
cruise - Travel News Scotland

British cruise passengers, including Scots, denied right to dock at Scottish port

THE cruise ship was due to dock in Greenock but hundreds of British passengers, including Scots, have been informed that they won’t be permitted to set foot on Scottish soil.The domestic seven-night cruise on...
houses - Business News Scotland (1)

New report shows that not every household has an adequate house

HOUSING is a human right and ensuring that every household has an adequate house is one of the key obligations on the Scottish Government and Local Councils.A new report published by the Association of...

National mission to eradicate poverty gets underway

A NATIONAL mission aiming to eradicate poverty and build a fairer, more equal Scotland will be announced today.Social Justice Secretary Shona Robison will urge political parties to work together in Scotland to effect change.Ms...
recruitment problems - Business News Scotland

Trade union believes there are more than 100,000 redundancies planned this year

More than 100,000 redundancies were planned in the first four months of the year, according to research by a UK trade union.The figures, obtained by GMB under the Freedom of Information Act, are being...

Campervan Converter Founder to Speak at Holyrood Fair Tax Briefing

AN ETHICALLY minded campervan firm will present at an online Scottish Parliament briefing on fair tax to highlight the issue of corporate avoidance.Simon Poole of North Berwick-based Jerba Campervans, will join Fair Tax Mark...
Europe Flag - Scottish News

More than 240,000 EU citizens able to Stay in Scotland

WITH less than a month to go to apply, more than a quarter of a million applications have been made by EU Citizens to remain in Scotland.Europe Minister Jenny Gilruth has requested that the...
nature - Nature News Scotland

Scottish Greens claim species report must be a “wake up call” for governments

A NEW report on how rising temperatures are threatening Scottish species "must be a wake-up call for governments" on the nature emergency, according to the Greens.The report by the WWF is called: ‘Feeling the...
Mental Health - Health News Scotland

More than 2,000 children have been waiting for mental health treatment

A CHILDREN'S charity has said that over 2,000 children have been waiting over a year to get treatment for mental health. An alliance of leading providers of children’s services has called on Scotland’s political parties...
The Union are calling for direct action over the governments response to the pandemic - UK News

GMB call for a public enquiry over the governments response to Covid

A UNION is calling for a public enquiry over the lack of strategy from the government’s handling of COVID-19.GMB union for the health and social care sector have called for an ‘immediate public enquiry’...
exam - education News Scotland

Has the SQA “lost the confidence of Parliament”?

THE SQA has lost the confidence of the Scottish Parliament, according to Scottish Greens education spokesperson Ross Greer MSP.Speaking in Parliament, Mr Greer highlighted ongoing concerns around this year’s assessments and questioned whether the...
Scotrail - Transport News Scotland

What does the UK rail reform mean for Scotland?

A NEW rail reform has been proposed which will come into effect in 2023, it is said to be the biggest shakeup since the 1990s.In the William Shapps Plan for Rail, the UK government...
Nigel Farage US Show Advert | UK and World News

Brits registering for up to 100 free tickets for Nigel Farage’s US show with...

BRITS are purchasing free tickets for America's Comeback Tour with Nigel Farage with absolutely no intention of going.Peter Thomas from Northamptonshire in the East Midlands posted on Facebook on Saturday about getting tickets for...
Dog - Viral News

Government has created an action plan to help protect dogs from ear cropping

CAMPAIGNERS are celebrating today after the Government committed to taking action to curb the growing number of dogs with cropped ears being imported into Great Britain.Under new measures unveiled in the Action Plan for Animal...
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