Saturday, September 18, 2021
Unexploded WW2 bomb - Environmental News

Locals on Isle of Wight find 1ft long unexploded WW2 bomb

AN UNEXPLODED World War Two bomb has been discovered by locals on the Isle of Wight.Bomb disposal experts were deployed to the B3323 in Shorwell, after police arrived and identified the dangerous device.Police were...
Underground rapper MF DOOM posthumously enters iTunes charts after passing away - Entertainment News

Underground rapper MF DOOM achieves posthumous success on rap charts days after announcement of...

AN UNDERGROUND rapper whose death was announced just days ago has achieved posthumous success with five albums in the top ten of the iTunes charts.Rapper MF DOOM, real name Daniel Dumile, passed away on...
Kingfisher diving - Nature News Scotland

Amateur photographer snaps “dream” shot of Kingfisher diving into water

AN AMATEUR photographer has captured a stunning photograph of a kingfisher about to plunge into he water “for his lunch”.The incredible snap was taken at Barons Haugh Nature Reserve in Motherwell, North Lanarkshire by...
Train at primary school

School repurposes old train carriages into library – Environmental News UK

A PRIMARY school has started a massive upcycle project to create a quirky new school library and wellbeing hub - made from old train tracks and carriages.Staff at Kirk Merrington Primary School in Spennymoor,...
Loch - Research News Scotland

At-risk species of freshwater fish reintroduced to Scotland’s lochs

AN AT-RISK species of fish has established itself in lochs across Scotland with the help of conservation managers.By rapidly adapting to its new environment, they will have changes to their DNA, their ecology, and body shape, according to a new study.In...
Squirrel dancing with twig - Nature

Joiner snaps comical photos of squirrel “doing the tango” with curvaceous twig shaped like...

HILARIOUS photos show a red squirrel about to "do the tango" with a moss covered stick "shaped like a woman."The comical snaps were taken by amateur photographer Mike Fenton, 55, and show the rodent...
Johnnie Walker saplings - Business News Scotland

Johnnie Walker to plant one million trees across Scotland

ONE million trees are to be planted across the country by Scotch whisky distillers Johnnie Walker.The initiative will span the country and hopes to see the saplings bedded in before 2025. The announcement comes as...
windmills - Research News Scotland

A robotics company receives funding to expand research into new sectors

Using robots to make offshore infrastructure inspection and repair safer is moving a step closer following the injection of £2.5 million of further funding.Founded in 2017 and led by Heriot-Watt and the University of...
Extinction Rebellion - Scottish News

Activists block a power station by using a washing machine

A GREEN washing machine was part of a creative blockade of Peterhead power station on the morning of June 3.Starting 6.10 am, about 20 activists from Extinction Rebellion Scotland and Glasgow Calls Out Polluters...
Increased risk of extreme droughts in Scotland over next two decades - Nature News Scotland/UK

Increased risk of extreme droughts in Scotland over next 20 years

ACCORDING to new, leading research by Scottish environmental body NatureScot, Scotland will likely be at risk of extreme droughts over the next two decades due to the climate emergency's impact.NatureScot’s research suggests that the...
Francesca Osowska - Nature News Scotland

Diversity in nature needed to decrease risk of future pandemics

LACK of diversity on nature is a risk for future global pandemics a chief executive of a nature agency has warned.Chief Executive of NatureScot Francesca Osowka has said more space for nature is needed...
Reintroducing Eurasian lynx - Nature News Scotland

Study to look at whether Scotland is ready to reintroduce lynx

SCOTLAND could be set to welcome the Eurasian lynx back to its forests, depending on the outcome of a new survey into the scheme.The study from SCOTLAND: The Big Picture, Trees for Life and...
Beached Fin Whale | Scottish News

Incredible images show two large diggers retrieving 30-tonne whale from beach

INCREDIBLE images show the moment a 30-tonne whale was retrieved by two huge diggers on a Scottish beach.After washing up at Cliff Beach on the Isle of Lewis earlier this week, the sea mammal...
windmills - Business News Scotland (1)

Scottish renewable energy company creates new leadership position

Aberdeen headquartered renewable energy firm has created a new permanent senior role for an offshore wind consultant.Andrew Duncan is set to lead the UK firm’s expansion in offshore wind and increase its foothold in other green offshore energy industries.Mr Duncan has...
Smarter Grid Solutions partenrs with National Grid to save £250m - Business NEws UK

National Grids partners up with Smarter Grid Solutions to save £250m in move towards...

UK NETWORK providers have partnered up with Smarter Grid Solutions in a ground-breaking project to save over £250m.National Grid Electricity System Operator and Electricity North West to help free up more than 2GW (GigaWatts) ...
glacier - Research News Scotland

Antarctic glacier may be more stable than initially feared

A new international study sheds light on the future of the massive Thwaites Glacier and other ice sheets.The world’s largest ice sheets may be in less danger of sudden collapse than previously predicted, according...
pollution - Business News Scotland (1)

Pension company is set to divest in firms which fail the climate test, but...

SCOTLAND’S largest local government pension fund will drop investments in fossil fuel firms that fail to act on the climate emergency.The £24 billion Strathclyde Pension Fund, will become one of the first major funds...

Lives of beavers in Scotland set to be saved after crowdfund

COURT action to stop the killing of wild beavers in Scotland will go ahead following a successful crowdfunding appeal.Trees for Life have raised almost £60,000 – well above their £40,000 target - to fund...
AndreaNolan - Education News Scotland

Edinburgh Napier University announces fossil fuel divestment

A SCOTTISH University has announced that they have removed all direct investments from fossil fuel companies. Edinburgh Napier University has a strong history of enhancing environmental sustainability within and beyond the institution. To maintain their achievements...
Stag skull tangled in industrial cable | Wildlife News

Distressing image shows tragic death of stag that became tangled in industrial cable

A SCOTS wild swimmer captured distressing image showing the remains of a stag that died after becoming entangled in industrial cable.Colin Macleod, 48, had finished swimming off the coast of the Isle of Lewis...
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