Susan Boyle in tears on train after standing up to taunts


By Christine Lavelle

CHART sensation Susan Boyle was driven to tears when a group of youths began taunting her as she caught the train home from Edinburgh’s city centre.

On Sunday afternoon Susan, 49, was traveling from Edinburgh to Bathgate on her way home to Blackburn in West Lothian, when the troublemakers started mocking her.

She is said to have remained dignified, but was visibly upset as the taunting got worse throughout the 30-minute journey.

The Britain’s Got Talent runner-up, who was traveling alone, reportedly hit back at the group, saying: “I’m normally patient but I am about to greet, greet, greet.

“I don’t normally get angry with people.

“I’m ashamed of you all – shut up.

“I’m warning you, it’s not funny.

“You wouldn’t like it.”

A concerned passenger told how disgusted they were at the way Susan was unfairly targeted as she “minded her own business.”

They said: “Some people were taking pictures.

“There were people laughing at her – it was not nice.

“People noticed she was sobbing – something was upsetting her.

“She turned to the people sitting opposite her and told them off.

“Susan certainly put them in their place – and good for her.

“It can’t be easy dealing with the fame she has but she handled it well.”


  1. I wonder if those yobs were on their way to or from a football game and what they’d been drinking.

    Just curious.

  2. the conservie goverment need to make new laws for the victims its a shame what they put susan through i am disgusted the police take drink from the yobs give them a warning pour out there drink move them on thy just go and buy more what about victims of these yobs my own daughter is also got learning difficults and she has even been stoned going to the shops we need better laws updated they need to get gharged with offences thy commit if they are working age they should stop their money from the goverment for at least a month soon tober them up asthe system is not working make new laws as it is getting outof hand cath

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