Rankin reveals the blunders spotted in his new book


By Kirsty Topping


REBUS author Ian Rankin has owned up to some of the blunders spotted in his latest novel.

The Edinburgh-based writer Tweeted that his manuscript had been sent back from the publishers with a number of mistakes highlighted.

The writer, who is well known for his love of rock music, unintentionally robbed Vivaldi of the credit for composing The Four Seasons.

He Tweeted this week:

“Mistakes spotted by editor include: Verdi’s 4 Seasons; guy whose name keeps changing; and a cop who recognises a car he’s never seen before. “

Rankin said the 12-page

“editorial critique’ had left him

“in need of a walk.”

It is not the first musical gaffe Rankin has made in print.

A mistake slipped in to the Rebus novel, Black and Blue in which the song I Can See Clearly Now was attributed to Marvin Gaye rather than Johnny Nash.

The author ruefully Tweeted that it was

“from memory, the worst of my howlers ever to get into print.”


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