Man banned from keeping animals after allowing dog to suffer

Nicholas Cruickshank did not take the dog to the vet of adequately feed her

A MAN who neglected his dog has been banned from keeping animals for life and fined £365.

Nicholas Cruikshank, 22, then residing at Murrayburn Gardens, Edinburgh, was convicted of causing his whippet crossbreed, Mia, unnecessary suffering atEdinburgh Sheriff Courton Thursday (27 October) by failing to seek veterinary treatment for her skin condition and provide an adequate diet.

Scottish SPCA Inspector Jenni Sturgeon said, “We are delighted that Cruickshank has received a life ban on keeping animals as he is clearly unfit to provide any animal with the care and attention it needs.

“Mia was very thin and suffering from a painful skin condition which had been left untreated when we found her.

The dog had a painful skin condition

“Thankfully, she was signed over to our care and has since been found a loving new home.”

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  1. To be fair, the vet has left my dog with a similar skin issue so as to wait and see if its related to a ‘summer allergy’. Basically I have to make sure it doesnt get any worse, and keep close watch. Yet I bet i’d get blamed if RSPCA saw him, they’re probably just accuse me of not seeking vet attention even though i’m following the VET’s advice.

    Did the skin condition get diagnosed or at least cleared? Only my vet is stumped at what my pup’s is, and i’m at my wits end watching him scratch 🙁

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