Travis frontman says Salmond “can’t be trusted”

Healy: Lashed out at Salmond

TRAVIS front man Fran Healy says he can’t trust Scotland’s First Minister.

In a Twitter outburst the Glasgow born musician compared Alex Salmond to George Bush and said he had “wee greedy eyes”.

He also suggested that occupy protesters should form a new political party in Scotland.

Tweeting his thousands of followers, Mr Healy said: “Was asked the other day in an interview for my opinion on Scottish independence.

Can’t see past Alex Salmond I said. Any Scottish thoughts?

“Never got a good vibe from that guy. Ever! Strange. Felt the same about George Bush… just got a look I don’t trust…”

One follower @mickg84 challenged the singer-songwriter’s words, saying: “Aye but when the referendum happens it’ll be Salmond in one corner and Cameron and Clegg in the other.”

To which Mr Healy replied, under his Twitter handel @franhealy,:

“Exactly… Scotland in one very cramped corner with Alex.”

Some Twitter fans supported Mr Healy’s controversial comments, with @samtennant tweeting: “Fran I love you! This is exactly my opinion , I’ve not decided if I like independence but I for sure don’t like him!”

The 38-year-old star replied: “Maybe he is a nice big guy who isn’t interested in power but I dunno… those wee greedy eyes… that big fat belly :)”

The Glasgow-born musician also tweeted: “I’m surprised with all the current occupy protests nobody has thought of a new political party…maybe they have. Perfect time for it.”

The Twitter dialogue continued to flow, with one follower @tealnurner

commenting: “Say what you want about Alex Salmond, but comparing him to George Bush!? Bit of an insult surely…

Mr Healy replied: “I didn’t compare him to george bush. I think I said I had the same ominous feeling about george bush… Makes my alarm ring.”

@tealnurner responded: “I quite like him, although he does come across as a bit smug. He’s a great politician but that’s not necessarily a compliment.”

To which the musician said:” like I say maybe my never wrong dobber alert system needs maintenance. Any dobber alert system analysts out there?”

One Twitter fan questioned Mr Healy’s thoughts on Mr Salmond’s leadership skills, with @croall89 asking: “As in you support it Fran?

Or just that AS will deliver?”

Mr Healy replied: “I can’t think of Scottish independence with Salmond standing in the way… Sorry if I was to grey there.”

Scots band Travis have had six studio albums, with Driftwood, Why Does It Always Rain on me and Flowers in the Window amongst their biggest hits.

The Travis musician isn’t afraid to speak out against the government and has taken part in and been a speaker at several anti-war demonstrations against the Iraq War.

Healy was also a part of the Make Poverty History movement and played alongside his band at Live 8 concerts in London and Edinburgh.

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  1. Fran Healy – as the name suggests is of Irish catholic origins who have always distrusted the Scottish independence movement.

  2. Oh, well. We better listen to a second rate band singer for guidance on such an important matter.

  3. This issue is not, and never should be, about personality.

    Whether Salmond has piggy eyes or a fat belly will not affect the economics of independence. We must be told whether under an independent Scotland we will be taxed more, or less, than we currently are. We must be told that Scottish Revenue, funded by Scottish resources, whether it be oil and gas or renewable energy resources, or purely from industry and personal taxation. We need to be certain whether these charges will make Scotland more, or less, attractive; more, or less, competitive.

    Much has been made in recent days about the legality of a referendum. Little has been spoken about the legality of the Act of Union. Legal, or not, we have been ruled under Westminster for almost 305 years. Since the franchise was extended at the end of the first and second world wars, our votes were frequently the deciding factor in the two horse race that British politics had become. However, after the last general election, we have found ourselves ruled by a coalition which was not mandated by the Scottish people. Our relatively healthy economy has been damaged by the austerity cuts determined by this government. We have long memories, and harp on quite frequently about Bannockburn, about Thatcher and the Poll Tax. But the truth is surprisingly more fundamental.

    Cameron may be the current face of the conservatives, but the feeling and concensus of that party is that Scotland, a minority population in the UK of approx 5.2m, is a nation of whingers, surviving on Westminster handouts and incapable of making its own way outside of the Union. The truth is that our energy reserves, our industry and the strength of our economy lifted the UK into positive GDP after the last recession. Or is that the lie of statistics? The funds allocated to the Scottish Executive are not a Westminster handout, but a reflection of our overall contribution to the UK economy. Yes, we complained and protested bitterly about the Poll Tax. No mention was made at the time of the unconstitutional application of the tax to Scotland only, and it was interesting how as soon as English voices were raised the tax was abolished. Thatcher may have been strong in her handling of the miners strike, but in the process destroyed the coal industry in Scotland. Once profitable pits were forced into closure and whole communities died. All because the lady wasn’t for turning.

    The Scottish population is approximately that of Birmingham. Let’s consider briefly how many Scottish Regiments there are per capita of population, and how many English Regiments are currently supplied by the population of the West Midlands. Our infantry has fought on the frontlines of Empire and Commonwealth, Scottish blood and expertise, steel and mettle forging the boundaries of Empire, fighting the European tyrants and dictators, making a considerable contribution to the shape of modern Europe. Mr Healey, being a pacifist, should appreciate the SNP stance on the deployment of our troops and nuclear weapons. Not sure that I do, but I wait to be convinced.

    Our free thinking has built the foundation of the constitution and ideals of our American cousins. Scottish minds have pondered and provided the backbone of world economic principals, our invention and innovation helped to make Britain the workshop of the world, and gave us much of the technology that surrounds us. We may be small, but our contribution has been great.

    We have a proud heritage, and we should never forget that. The past, though, is past. Independence may or may not be our future. Either way, and regardless of your personal view on Salmond or the SNP, he is probably the only Scottish politician with sufficient experience or charisma to take on Cameron and co.

    As a nation we must be clear. We must weigh up the options and decide based on facts, not opinions. At the moment my instinct is for independence, but I want my head to agree with my gut.

    • A little cheesy, but sentiments well put (not sure of your soldiers point, Scotland’s population has a much higher white population than the West Midlands and as such is much more likely to join up…..and there are lot more other points to bring up than that, certainly a high proportion of the Scots joining up are predominantly protestant, with Catholics having much more of an allegiance to the Irish. The Army would be huge if the same percentage of English joined up; incidentally, the Midlands would traditionally be the place where the weapons were made) . I am not a great fan of Alex Salmond, but you are right, he is the only real first class politician in Scotland and he will fight for Scotland. As a republican, I am disappointed that Alex has not taken the opportunity to put the argument for Scotland becoming an independent republic. This is where this effective politician has looked for the opportunity to grab something, rather than try to stand by his true principles. I can’t believe he is that keen on a Monarchy. Putting forward the idea of a republican Scotland would be dead in the water and that is why he has fudged that issue. At the moment, I am not sure which way I will vote, but if AS proposed a Republic, then I would vote a big YES!

    • why would the fact that he lives in Berlin mean he cant comment on it ? he wont be able to vote on the referendum if he is still living in Berlin whenever it takes place. However Freedom of Speech allows people and indeed celebrities to comment on a wide range of every day news.

  4. I’m not a Salmond supporter, but come on . Frans opinion is hardly based on any informed facts, he actually sounds like a sweetie woman.

  5. Any dobber alert system analysts out there?..Yip. Funnily enough Fran, in the algorithm we use, you figure as a constant.

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