30 ramblers rumbled on train line


A GROUP of ramblers were warned by police after taking a stroll along a railway line used by freight trains.

The 30 walkers were spotted by a shocked member of the public walking on the line in Fife last week.

British Transport Police were called in and gave the walkers, who were using a branch line between Methil and Earlseat, a severe ticking off.

A spokesman for the force confirmed that freight trains still occasionally run on the track.


Walkers should not stray on to train lines, transport police have warned


Constable Stuart Cowan of BTP said: “I don’t want to spoil anyone’s pleasure but I do want to remind people that trespassing on the railway line remains an offence.”

A Network Rail spokesman said: “Trespassing on the railway is not only a criminal offence, it can be extremely dangerous. Even lines which look disused can be brought back into operation without warning.

“Walkers could easily find themselves in the path of a train, even on a line they believe to be closed.”

But Dave Morris, director of Ramblers Scotland, suggested it was up to Network Rail to protect walkers.

He said: “If it does appear that this line is non operational for a very long period of time then Network Rail need to operate on the basis there would be a probability that people for a variety of reasons would chose to walk on that line.

“If a train drove down the line anyone driving the train would need to be aware of the possibility of people walking down the line.”

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