Mum, I’m bored


It’s tiring work being a pygmy hippo.

Baby pygmy hippo Eve had to stop for a wee yawn whilst out for a stroll with mum Ellen at Edinburgh Zoo.

Baby Eve was the last birth of 2011 for Edinburgh Zoo, with mum Ellen giving birth right on New Year’s Eve.

Baby Eve has a strong bond with her mum  Photo:Jon-Paul Orsi

Mum and baby have a really strong bond and are always together in their indoor and outdoor enclosure at Edinburgh Zoo.

Pygmy hippos are only half as tall as the hippopotamus when fully grown and weighs less than 1/4 as much. At birth, pygmy hippos only weight between 9.9–13.7 lb and hey can live from 30 to 55 years

Ellen, the adult female, was born at Edinburgh Zoo in January 2005.  She is the fourth offspring of Leah, the zoo’s first female pygmy hippo.

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