IN PICTURES: Donald Trump greets protesters at Scottish Parliament


DONALD Trump was met by a wall of protesters at the Scottish Parliament today.

The American tycoon had been giving evidence at the green energy targets inquiry.

Trump is battling to stop a windfarm development off the shore of his golf resort at the Menie Estate, Aberdeenshire.

A broad alliance of pro-wind and anti-Trump activists called ‘Wind Is Good Scotland’ (or WIGS for short) took action around Donald Trump’s visit to the Scottish Parliament this morning stating that Scotland wants ‘wind power not windbags’.

At the action, Stan Blackley, Chief Executive of Friends of the Earth Scotland, was able to confront Donald Trump. Brandishing a gold balloon bearing Donald Trump’s likeness, he told Donald Trump to his face that he was “a windbag, and Scotland wants windpower, not windbags like you.”

The alliance got their message across as Donald Trump addressed anti-wind demonstrators (CATS) outside the Scottish Parliament after giving evidence to the committee inquiry into the Scottish Government’s renewables targets.

The WIGS activists used drums, whistles, horns and ‘Trump’-ets to make their presence known and wore t-shirts and carried placards featuring a spoof image of Donald Trump with his hair being blown up by a wind turbine. They also used gold balloons featuring Donald Trump’s likeness as ‘wind bags’ to make ‘irritating farty noises’.

Stan Blackley, who also facilitated the WIGS alliance, said:”WIGS is a broad alliance of concerned individuals who are here to let Donald Trump know that Scotland wants more wind power, not windbags like him. A rich, overseas reality TV star should not be allowed to dictate the future of Scotland’s energy policy and economic recovery, both of which will rely heavily on the transition to a renewable energy-powered future for Scotland in the coming years.”

There have been a number of polls released in the last few days reflecting public opinion in Scotland around renewable energy and its potential impacts. These have been commissioned by organisations as diverse as Scottish Renewables, Visit Scotland and Friends of the Earth Scotland.

Mr Blackley continued:”These polls show that the majority of Scots are supportive of the continuing development of wind power, that they want to see an increase in the amount of their household electricity produced from domestic renewables, and they agree that sensitively-sited and appropriately-scaled onshore and offshore wind farms are necessary for the future of Scotland’s energy generation. Donald Trump and his CATS lapdogs are clearly and demonstrably out of step with Scottish public opinion.”

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  1. False reporting, trump was not met with a wall of protesters, he was greeted
    With massive group of supporters which far outnumbered the small group of
    Opponents, even your pictures (deliberately?) failed to show the vast difference
    In numbers between the pro and the anti demonstrators. Shame on you.

  2. This report is a gross distortion of what happened at the Scottish parliament on the 25th April. In reality, Donald Trump was met with a wall of anti wind protesters supporting his position. The supporters organised by Mr Blackley of Friends of the Earth, Scotland were no more than two handfuls – in fact your one sided selection of photographs show virtually every one of them. You obviously have made no attempt at fairness in your report and have not presented reality. This is not just disgraceful reporting but a total disservice to those who attended parliament to share their legitimate and democratic concerns (health and amenity etc) and a kowtowing to the loud voice of those who seem hell bent on ruining our once treasured and admired landscapes

    • If you cared about our landscape, you would never have stood beside Donald Trump on this…he has destroyed a unique piece of Scotland that can never be recovered. The fact that you stand with him shows your only concern is yourself and not the environment – Scotland has a long history of being in the forefront of science and new development. No doubt you would have shouted against the steam engine too.

      • Sorry Hazel but you may not have noticed that steam engines actually work but wind turbines don’t work either when there’s no wind or too much wind? We are not at the forefront of any NON weather dependent electricity generation technology – wind turbines are purchased largely from Germany and Denmark. We do have some offshore construction technology BUT offshore turbines are very expensive requiring 2.5 times the subsidy we pay onshore turbines to make them viable. No technology which requires long term subsidy (a la wind) has ever been a success!!
        On the environment front, I bow to no-one in my support for improving and retaining our environment – I simply no not believe that wind turbines make one jot of difference. Just think about this fact – Scottish Renewables claimed that renewable electricity generation in Scotland saved 5 Million tonnes of carbon emissions last year – whoop de doo. China and India between them INCREASED carbon emissions EVERY MONTH between 2008 and 2010 by 100 million tonnes. yes, every little may help but surely not at the expense of ruining our economy and impoverishing ever more electricity consumers?

  3. Your reporting is very biased and not true at all. There were a few pro-wind supporters there but the protesters with Communities Against Turbines Scotland far outnumbered them. We had the organised march through Edinburgh and this kind of reporting and that of the BBC is totally biased and of a bad quality. It is almost like China where the rest of the world is not entitled to see what is really happening and looking more and more like a dictatorship run country. If you cannot do better than this then don’t bother.

  4. There was a small, mainly young and very noisy group of anti-Trump protestors; talking to some of them they obviously knew nothing about wind energy. Sadly these days the young are brainwashed from primary school up because the windfarm companies are allowed to supply schools with inaccurate, pro-wind information with no scientific facts giving a different view. This is followed up at university/college when these same companies offer huge bribes in return for support for whatever local windfarm and Principals collude with this by writing to staff and students urging them to support the application, in full knowledge that few if any will be adversely affected. Money is all that matters – not a great moral example. The anti-wind protestors in contrast had personal experience of windfarms, considerable knowledge, came from all over Scotland and were genuinely passionate – often desperate – in their cause.

    • It is clear that you may have some knowledge about wind farms but you have no knowledge about what Trump has done to the environment in Aberdeenshire, his dismissal of our democratic process and his abusive behaviour towards his neighbours. So you think that Trump is a good example of moral behaviour? As if he considers anything other than his own money. You lost your argument when you fell into bed with that egocentric wind bag.

  5. Actually, I was there too, and there were two protests, as the article says. One in favour of renewables, one against. A fair and balanced piece. I personally oppose Trump’s plans for the North-east and support clean energy, but I respect the anti-wind farm lobby’s right to be heard too. Don’t try to airbrush us out of the story – the (excellent) pictures speak for themselves.

  6. Three students with a megaphone andtwo placards saying “golfers 4 renewables”and “tourists4 turbines” are hardly representative of golfers, tourists, or the people of Scotland.

    Any imbecile can figure out that wind farms are bad for tourism, bad for golfers, and bad for businesses and consumers in general, whose electricity bills will skyrocket 100% or more.


  7. Donald Trump has unfortunately been dominating the headlines for days if not weeks. I believe his outburst on wind turbines is short-sighted and does not take account of the technological development process that made his own country so prosperous.

    Did George Stephenson listen to his critics in 1829 when they said his new Rocket steam locomotive was noisy, slow, visually obtrusive and inefficient? Maybe another case of ‘Recessionary Slumber’, as I have defined in my blog.

    • Any coutry which tries to generate its electricity by weather dependent means is doomed to failure. Stephenson was an engineer who knew what he was doing. Our politicians do NOT know what they are doing. Remember too that we do not not manufacture wind turbines – we but them from Denmark and Germany. Wind facilities are largely (two thirds) built by overseas companies who reap the financial benefit. All this while we ever pooer consumers are fleeced to pay subsidies to them. It’s nothing short of both engineering and economic madness.

  8. The drive for offshore wind development around our coasts is largely orchestrated by an alliance of EU vested interests. Just google ” Friends of the Supergrid” and the latest EU funded lobby group “Renewables Grid Initiative” to suss out the main players. The UK ,its countryside and largely unprotected coastline, is but a pawn in the EU commission’s undemocratic drive to foist unreliable, expensive wind energy on an increasingly sceptical public. By the way Friends of the Earth also receives a large part of its funding from the EU Commission. Democracy is ignored ,as the EU relentlessly pursues its drive for wind energy supposedly to stop climate change but in reality to shore up jobs in Germany, Denmark and perhaps Spain. There are now hundreds of groups throughout the EU fighting inappropriate wind energy developments. Does anyone know of any citizen’s group /research initiative in the EU which is raising questions about wind energy and is supported by EU funding…. No ? I thought not. Yet billions of our Euros are spent each year to fund research and lobbying initiatives to support the Big Wind agenda. This is a travesty of democracy ..

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