A degu goes down the pub


The Scottish SPCA is seeking the owner of a pet degu after it was found
running around the beer garden of an Edinburgh pub.

The animal charity was called to rescue the unusual rodent after customers
and staff at the Horseshow in on Gorgie Road spotted him scurrying around the cobbled yard.

Now recovering from his adventure at the Scottish SPCA’s Edinburgh and Lothians Animal Rescue and Rehoming centre, the degu has been named Bud.

Bud is now looking for a new home


Inspector Sarah Gregory said: “I was called to rescue Bud at around 9.30pm on Monday night.

“Staff had seen a furry creature running around the yard earlier in the day and thought it was possibly a baby squirrel or chinchilla, but it was too fast for them to catch.

“However, he appeared again later that evening when people were outside drinking in the beer garden and staff were able to catch and contain him in a Corona box.

“They’d given him some bread and water and he was none the worse after his day at the pub.

“We’re not sure how this little degu came to be found outside. He may have escaped from home or he may, sadly, have been abandoned.

“If no-one comes forward to reclaim Bud then we’ll be looking to find him a loving new home.”

Degus have become popular pets in recent years and originate from central Chile. They are active, intelligent creatures that enjoy living in pairs or small groups.

Anyone who recognises Bud should call the Scottish SPCA Animal Helpline on 03000 999 999.

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